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|source=Squat Bungalow
|source=Squat Bungalow
|cost=600 LTB points
|cost=600 [[LTB]] points
|sourcetype=sold by
|sourcetype=sold by

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deep ebony scarab amulet inset with emerald eyes
Look: Closer inspection reveals the scarab amulet to be made of thousands of tiny ebony spiders fused together.
Weight: 5 stones
Appraised Cost: 146,655 Kronars
117,324 Lirums
105,826.248 Dokoras
146.655 LTBpoints
146.655 Tickets
146.655 Scrips
Special Properties:
  • This item is magical.
  • This item is worn in the neck slot.
  • This item has more than normal or unusual verbs.
Dimensions: 1 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Sold by Squat Bungalow for 600 LTB points
Source is Squat Bungalow (2), Squat Bungalow (1)


  • TAP: Your amulet breaks apart explosively into thousands of swarming spiders, which scuttle down your arm in a frenzy! The arachnid wave flows as one, moving with an apparent collective consciousness. Your hand is covered with twisting and writhing legs, but only briefly as the spiders resolidify into a deep ebony exoskeletal katar.