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Look: (The description gained by LOOKing at the object.)
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General Information
Item Type:
This item has special verbs:

This item uses potency crystals:
This item atmos:

This item uses infuser stones:
Worn Location: Properties:
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Racial Relevance: Guild Relevance: Metal:
Values and Measurements
Weight: (Weight in stones.) Appraisal Value: (Given in kronars.) Rarity
Length Width Height
Weight Capacity
Item Limit
Uses: Area Marker Duration:

For area markers only. Value is real-life days.
Magical Properties
Maximum Mana Held: Spell Cast By Item:
Enchantment Properties
Potency Complexity Precision
Grade Bonus
Glamour Glamour Color
Crafting Properties
Tool Type
Quality Durability Speed
Imbue Cap
Permanently changes a feature:
Feature Changed Custom Feature
Instrument Properties
Instrument Type Quality (based on appraisal value)
Housing Properties
Housing Type: (Large Items are beds, tables, etc.)
Generator Properties
Generates Items:
Type Specific Item
Implied contents: (Contents of the item that don't exist as interactable objects.)
Source: Cost: (Include currency.) Source Type:

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