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Ishtvan Starsciduis
Status: Alive
Guild: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Associates: Ladoc, Grishnok


Ishtvan's first appearance was working as an agent for Ladoc, a mysterious figure who tried to overthrow the leader of the Crossing Thief Guild, Kalag, in 2004 or 2005. Ishtvan brought with him many thugs, footpads, cutthroats, and ruffians which still reside in The Crossing sewers to this day. Ishtvan and Ladoc's plan was discovered and Ladoc was disposed of. In connection with these events, he has also been accused of torturing, including cutting off the tail of a s'kra (see smozh).

In early 2004, assassinations (or attempted assassinations) were carried out against a number of provincial military commanders, including Beliel, Lionjester, and others. Some of the assassins, when killed or captured, were carrying medallions or other items with symbols, such as that of a broken dagger, which some believed suggested Ishtvan's involvement. Around the same time, Grishnok described Ishtvan as a friend over the gweth. Ishtvan's description of their relationship was that it was a one time business deal and not an alliance.

Ishtvan has shown up as a character in other events since that time. He has most recently presented himself as a horse broker for Therengian citizens and presented Baron Gyfford with a 20 hh Haramorlam. He has since brought many breeds to the citizenry such as the Outcast Zeharca, and the Albarian Kirmalia.