Invocation of the Spheres quest

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Invocation of the Spheres Quest
You must go to the Imperial Palace in Throne City and find an antiquated brass orrery. Once there, you must manipulate the orrery by touching the spheres and putting them in the correct order. The spheres represent the different planets in the solar system. You can look at the orrery to see the current order of the spheres. Look at each sphere to see a visual description of each planet. See the Elanthipedia page on Planets for order and descriptions of all the individual planets. Simply match each sphere color with the description of the planet, and then put them in the correct order.


  1. Travel to the Imperial Palace in Throne City (map)
  2. Find the "antiquated brass orrery resting on a circular sandstone pedestal" which is in the Grand Foyer of the Imperial Palace
  3. LOOK or STUDY the orrery to see the current order of the spheres
  4. Align the spheres in the correct order
    • TOUCH one sphere, and then another, to have those two sphere swap positions. Continue doing this until all spheres are in order.
    • Refer to spheres by their color (e.g. black sphere, white sphere, etc).
    • Proper order of the spheres:
      1. red-orange
      2. green
      3. black
      4. jade
      5. tawny
      6. cerulean
      7. hazy-black
      8. blue
      9. yellow
      10. orange
      11. grass-green
      12. white
      13. void-black
  5. Once the spheres are in the correct order you should see...
    A wave of diaphanous light erupts from the orrery.
    As the light fades a sense of understanding and wonder fills and you feel on the brink of a deeper understanding of the planets and how they relate to lunar magic.
    You're certain you could unlock this secret with further study of the orrery.
  6. STUDY ORRERY to learn Invocation of the Spheres spell
    You gaze at the orrery, seeking beyond the physical, and discover layers upon layers of detailed formulae describing the relationship of a complex lunar ritual and the movement of the planets. You set yourself to memorizing these revelations until you are certain you could invoke them at will.
    [You have learned the Invocation of the Spheres spell.]

Other Information

A small bronze plaque reads:
"This artifact was excavated by S'su'yvyn and his research team from the depths of Su Helmas in the year 412. Its intended function remains unknown."
Deep currents of Lunar magic thrum through the orrery, threatening to overwhelm your senses. Bracing against the tide you force your senses deeper into the network of enchantment. Fragments of knowledge skitter over the surface of your mind as you find yourself caught up in the currents, your sense of self ebbs away and your awareness threatens to expand a thousand-fold. Some primitive instinct causes you to cling to your identity, using it to laboriously reel back your consciousness. As you withdraw the final filaments of your mind from the enchantment, you are left with an impression reminiscent of Stellar Magic but the overall construction is unlike any taught by the Guild in modern times.