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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Given by: Tallis in the High Priestess's Office

Requirements: 125 Attunement skill, 25th circle


Get the Quest

First find Tallis in the Crossing temple High Priestess quarters and ask her about infusion. WAIT FOR HER TO FINISH TALKING! It will make things easier if you can bring a moonmage along or set a teleportation device if you have one to get you back when your done with the quest. Once Tallis gives you the quest, you will need to head down to Shard, Darkmist Moors.

If you are a Free accounts player you will also need to stop by the Town Hall citizenship office and ASK the clerk about VISA or TRAVEL for a temporary travel visa.

Darkmist Moors

Refer to this map once you arrive at the Darkmist Moors.

Once you leave the road and enter Darkmist Moors, GO SE, SE, SE, SW, E, NE, SE, (an altar is ne) E, NE, NW, NE, SE, E, CLIMB TREE. PEER CHURCH to discern the path to the church. (There are 3 randomly generated paths: NE, SE or E.) CLIMB TRUNK, GO PATH, GO <the cardinal direction PEER CHURCH revealed>, and GO CHURCH.

Once you are inside the church, GO N, N, GO ARCH, GO DOOR, GO PATH, NE, NE, E, SE, SW, W to reach the mausoleum. GO DOOR, N, N.

You will then find yourself in the room where the ebony coffin is. In that room there is a tapestry, look/search behind it and there you will find a crank and a lever. Turn the crank so that the coffin rises. Then LOOK STARLIGHT or LOOK SUNLIGHT (depending on time of day) in the room and see what symbol it rests/shines on. For us, the starlight showed on the symbol of the wolf.

GO SOUTH to the room where there are two tapestries. Go tapestry, and there is a wheel and a rope there. PULL ROPE and the wheel will move and show an image. LOOK WHEEL to see the image. Match the image you see with the tables below. Then GO SW and GO OTHER TAPESTRY and do the same thing.


Symbol Light Symbol Dark Symbol
Boar the image of a longbow the image of a berserking barbarian
Cat the image of a grimacing woman in the throes of childbirth image of a pair of twin crossed swords with jagged blades
Cobra the image of a shattered egg the image of an erupting volcano
Dolphin the image of a deer drinking from a flowing stream the image of a great tidal wave
Lion the image of a pack of well-groomed battle hounds the image of a bloodstained stiletto
Panther the image of a cluster of twinkling stars the image of a child shivering fearfully in the throes of a nightmare
Ram the image of a flourishing rose garden the image of a jagged crystalline blade
Raven the image of a bowl of striped peppermint the image of a shattered caravan wheel
Wolf the image of a charred black stave the image of a long flowing skirt
Wren the image of a plump opera singer the image of a cracked mirror

Once you do that dark and light tapestry part, go back into the room where the coffin is, and pull the lever behind the tapestry there, and the coffin will come crashing down on the bier with the symbol the starlight was shining on. If you get the guesses wrong (the ones you made behind the dark and light tapestries) it will come crashing down onto the floor.

After the coffin is on the bier its supposed to be on, you OPEN COFFIN, GO COFFIN and it will close on its own and you will end up at the abyss. Each person in the group has to go down separately.

The Abyss

Refer to this map once you enter the Abyss.

When you first enter the abyss you need to get 3 claws from the lanky grey lachs that are in the first part of it. Then the cleric needs to bless them, and find the 3 altars (altar of flesh, altar of soul and altar of mind) and put 1 blessed claw on each altar. It appears that you need enough utility ranks to cast Bless at 30 mana to overcome the resistance of the claws. You can adjust your spell stance integrity to help. As of 3/9/2018, it took a 46 mana bless to purge the resistance. Then you need to wait a moment or two and a crystalline bridge will appear in the room where the altar of the Soul is.

The altar of the Flesh is the safe room. The critters in this part of the quest are Feral Bone Mastiffs and Transparent Shylvic, Vaporous Bloodwraiths and Gargantuan Bone Golems. When you step onto the bridge, you will get a vision. Then you will get three choices of directions with an animal/symbol choice which relates to the direction. If you brought help, they can wait in the altar of flesh safe room until you are done.


Direction Vision
A spiritual adder A black mist materializes before you. As the dark shrouds of moisture part you see a vision of the night. A vague form begins to take shape, speedily crossing an open field. The dark clouds covering the moon part briefly and in that short span of time your mind captures the sight of a hideous black unicorn, its spiraled horn gleaming dully, its hooves covered in red blood. The vision fades.
A spiritual adder A cold chill dances down your spine. You glance down to where a crude burlap sack materializes at your feet, writhing and twisting with unearthly hissing sounds emanating from within. Your hand trembles as you bend down and retrieve it. Slowly you untie the heavy cord that secures it at the top. It slips from your shaking hands and plunges to the ground, and dozens of writhing coils spill from within.
A spiritual adder You suddenly find yourself nestled in a crevice atop a great, snowy mountain range. A temple spires skyward nearby, enwreathed by the eternal maelstrom of the North Wind. The sound of galloping hooves approaches rapidly from behind you as the image fades.
A spiritual albatross The images of strange creatures swimming gaily in the sea materializes before you. Half fish, half human, they are laughing and splashing each other with the salty water. The vision fades.
A spiritual albatross You suddenly find yourself aboard a great merchant's ship. The water around you is stilled, and the sails droop heavily on the masts as the sailors grow ill-tempered and mutinous. A light laughter sprinkles across the water as a stiff breeze begins to stir.
The ship's sails begin to billow as the vision fades.
A spiritual black widow The image of a battle-worn S'Kra Mur Archmagess appears before you, tearing through battle with a horde of fearsome Adan'f, wielding twin blades of steel -- one in each hand. She rasps sibilant phrases that incite intricate patterns of lightning to soar through the air, arcing in morbid grace between the foes that fall so easily before her. The vision fades.
A spiritual boar The image of a dead warrior forms before you. His body is lying on a marble slab and is being attended to by several holy priests. You watch with interest as they anoint it carefully with holy oil as it is prepared for burial. The image fades.
A spiritual centaur Droplets of sweat begin to trickle down your back as you feel a stabbing, searing, crushing pain in your chest. Trying to inhale, you find you are unable to draw a breath. Glancing down you see your life's blood seeping from your body and on to the ground beneath your feet. You look around as your knees begin to buckle, observing a vast battlefield strewn with bodies upon which you are yet another martyr for war's glory. A wave of blackness sweeps over you like the pall of death, though soon your vision readjusts to your real surroundings.
A spiritual cobra The image of a proud S'Kra Mur materializes before you. He has a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of his skull, slitted clear colored eyes, and speckled scales with a pale silver underbelly and a slender tail.
A spiritual cobra Visions of trams from all over the realm fills your mind. Each tram is loaded with rocks laced with gold and silver. Some of the trams from deep within the bowels of the earth are laden with diamond, emerald, and ruby encrusted rock. The vision fades.
A spiritual cow Darkness slowly gathers around you like the suffocating pall of night. You blink your eyes, straining to see even the faintest glimmer of light. Slowly, and very subtly, the blackness turns to grey and before you on the horizon the sun begins to rise. A new day is born. Slowly the strange light wanes and your senses return to your surroundings.
A spiritual cow The image of a busy bazaar appears before you. You see many shoppers of all races milling about the merchants' tables, while colorfully dressed hawkers wander about selling their wares. Standing forlornly in the middle of the bustle stands a small Halfling child, tears streaming down her plump cheeks. She is turning in circles, looking up at the strangers around her. Suddenly there is a screech and you see the child's face light up with joy as a Halfling woman runs towards her with her arms outstretched. The vision fades.
A spiritual coyote A loud grumbling tugs at your imagination as you see strange whorls in the abyss' inky darkness begin to form images. You see a man angrily throwing garments into a case on a bed. A woman with tear streaked cheeks stands near him, wringing her hands and pleading to him with her eyes. The man closes the case loudly and glances derisively at the woman. He pulls a wedding ring from his finger and as he turns to stomp out of the room, he throws it on the floor.
A spiritual coyote The vision of a rain drenched bride slowly materializes before you, her face and dress soiled with running makeup. Sodden wedding guests run for cover as the biting rain pelts down indiscriminately, leaving the poor lass to weep alone at the altar.
A spiritual dolphin You see the image of hot searing flames streaking speedily across the sky and huge explosions of red fire engulf the moon above you. Suddenly heavenly rain cascades down from overhead, quenching the horrific fire. As the flames recede, you see the moon charred forever black.
A spiritual dove A grim vision appears before you. You find yourself in the middle of a bloody battlefield strewn with the dead bodies of Elven and Human warriors. It begins to rain and curiously you look up at a strangely cloudless sky. The droplets increase in intensity, soaking your hair and dripping into your eyes where you feel a stinging sensation. Befuddled, you cup your hands together which quickly fill with the strange liquid. You cautiously bring your hands to your mouth and when you taste the rain, you realize it is salty. The vision fades.
A spiritual dove The image of a huge temple with a vaulted ceiling appears before you. Standing in front of the altar is a beautiful bride dressed in a white satin gown holding a cascading bouquet of white roses. Standing proudly by her side is the dark haired groom. They both turn and face the High Priest standing before them. The vision fades.
A spiritual goshawk An interesting scene unfolds before you as tendrils of ether dance over the dark abyss. You see a shifty looking character slip some coin into the hand of a provincial guard. The guard quickly pockets the coin and looks the other way. You watch in disbelief as the shady figure slips into a store, and quickly runs out, a shopkeeper in hot pursuit. The guard continues to look the other way. The vision fades.
A spiritual heron A huge gilded mirror slowly materializes from the ether before you and you feel compelled to admire your image in its depths. As you approach it, it suddenly shatters into fragments of light that swirl down into the abyss below.
A spiritual jackal A vision shimmers before you. You see an old priest lying in his bed, his body ravaged by disease. His wrinkled face grimaces in pain as he draws each labored breath. Slowly he opens his eyes, and stares at something that only he can see. A tiny smile graces his lips and his face softens as he softly exhales for last time.
A spiritual king snake A vision of a female warrior dressed in battle garb slowly materializes. She walks slowly, her left leg dragging on the soft earth. Her armor is scuffed and marred and a large sack weighs heavily against her hip. She slowly turns your way and you feel a scream well up in your throat, for there is only an empty socket where her left eye used to be. The vision fades.
A spiritual king snake Spiraled tendrils of ether begin to coalesce before you, forming the insubstantial shape of a conch shell. You reach out and pluck it from the air, and the lines that form it become pronounced and tangible. You hold it to your ear and are lulled by the sibilant sounds echoing eternally within. Your eyes flutter drowsily and you soon find yourself with your hand to your ear, with no sign of the mysterious shell.
A spiritual lion The image of a robed judge materializes before you. You watch as he slams a wooden gavel on the table. A shackled prisoner standing before him hangs his head as he is led back to the cells by the attending guards. The vision fades.
A spiritual magpie The image of a man expertly riding a horse forms before you. The horse gallops up a tree lined driveway to a country house and as the rider alights, the door is flung open. Several children emerge from the cozy home and squealing happily they run towards the man to greet him. He drops to one knee and enfolds them in a loving embrace. The image fades.
A spiritual magpie Your vision begins to cloud as a cold emptiness begins to permeate your senses. You find yourself disembodied, floating errantly in a dark void. In the distance a strange bridge protrudes curiously into the emptiness.
A spiritual mongoose A strange scene unfolds before you. You see a man running speedily through the streets of a town. Sweat dribbles down his face and his breathing is labored, and yet he does not pause for rest. He keeps glancing over his shoulder, his eyes glazed and filled with fear. Suddenly you see what is pursuing him. Several vicious hounds, their tongues lolling from their jaws are rapidly descending upon the runner. He trips and sprawls to the ground, and the hounds are upon him. As the vision fades, a steel-clad warrior steps into the alley and retrieves a woman's handbag that the man had dropped in his haste.
A spiritual mongoose The image of a beautiful silver bastard sword wavers before you. Its formidable hand-polished steel blade is crowned by an ivory handle adorned with a intricately carved dragon's head. It shimmers indiscriminately, as if beckoning to mold itself to your hand.
A spiritual nightingale A strange scene emerges before you. You see a vision of a huge dragon with glittering scales and long leathery wings. It appears to be weakened as evidenced by its sluggish movements. From outside your realm of vision you sense movement and from that direction a handful of sand is tossed at the battle weary beast. You watch in awe as the mighty beast snorts one last fiery breath and then curls unto itself, fast asleep. The vision fades.
A spiritual owl Your hand numbs momentarily. You glance down at it and find that you are holding a magnificent black staff that is marbled with silver streaks. You hand begins to tingle and as you watch, the staff shimmers and disappears.
A spiritual ox Suddenly you are enveloped in fog and as it slowly begins to clear a strange scene unravels. You see the image of a group of intangible beings wavering before you. They seem filled with despair, their shoulders are slumped and their heads are bowed wearily. Suddenly from among them comes a single loud rallying cry, a solitary voice from the group spurring the others forcefully forward. You observe with fascination as you watch these strange beings begin to gather their strength and plunge into an unseen battle. The vision fades.
A spiritual ox The image of a holy priest kneeling before the prone body of a fallen warrior materializes before you. You watch as the priest murmurs a quiet prayer over the dead body. The fallen man gasps in a deep breath, his eyes flying open as the vision begins to disperse.
A spiritual panther The image of a frightened boy retreating from a wounded cougar appears before you. The bloodied cougar is snarling angrily at the child. The boy turns and breaks into a run, dropping a broken longbow to the ground. The cougar gives chase, and begins to close the distance between them. You watch in horror as the animal reaches the terrified child and leaps...only to claw at empty air. The boy has disappeared! You stand there befuddled, and a new scene materializes before you. You see the anxious child in bed looking up at a shadowy figure looming over him. You watch, confused, as the figure bends over and lightly kisses the child on the forehead. The child smiles peacefully and drifts into more pleasant dreams. The vision fades
A spiritual phoenix Suddenly your equilibrium seems out of kilter, and you stumble slightly, feeling nauseous. A searing pain stabs you right behind your eyes before it settles down into dull rhythmic pounding between your ears. You hiccup and the bitter taste of flat ale floods your mouth. Still wobbling, you press your palms against your temples and close your eyes, wondering if you are going to pass out. Suddenly you feel the soft brush of a kiss upon your forehead and as you slowly open your eyes, you realize the pain is gone.
A spiritual phoenix The image of a woman practicing vocal ranges appears before you. You cringe as you hear her strain to reach higher octaves as her voice sends unpleasant shivers down your spine. Suddenly the woman twitches oddly, and then coughs. As she opens her mouth to continue, a terror-stricken expression fills her face. No sound comes from her open mouth. The vision fades.
A spiritual raccoon A vision of a young adventurer materializes before you, as he purchases his first shield from a roadside merchant with a handful of copper. The young lad tromps out of the city gates, arms high and head higher, as he marches thick into the goblins' home. Soon, one of the grimy beasts engages him, striking out with a rusted short sword. As the sword clashes roughly against the lad's new shield, it shatters under the very first blow, breaking through to land a fair gash in his left arm. With a surprised cry, the would-be adventurer throws down his worthless arms and flees back to the safety of town. As the vision fades, a vile laughter echoes around as an unnatural gleam sparks in the goblin's eyes.
A spiritual raccoon The vision of a seamstress intricately embroidering tiny flowers on a gown materializes before you. As you watch her nimble fingers create purple lilacs on the smooth fabric, you hear her suddenly grumble as the thread snaps. She pauses to rethread her needle, and the scissors in her lap slide to the floor. Reaching down to pick up the scissors, she knocks off a small box of pins which scatter to the floor. She stands, exasperated, and sets the gown on the chair as she begins to pick up the pins. She doesn't notice the gown slip to the floor, and she inadvertently steps on it, dirt from her shoes marring the fine fabric. The vision fades.
A spiritual ram The image of a tavern filled with raucous Halflings materializes before you. A rotund bartender lines up steins of ale and goblets of wine on the bar before him. The sound of music can be heard intermittently between the boisterous laughter and loud guffaws. The vision fades.
A spiritual raven A table with an ornate golden-filigreed chest glistens into view. You open its ancient dust-laden lid to find a cache of various sized rubies, diamonds, and emeralds. As you reach to take one, the vision fades.
A spiritual raven You hear a loud, resonant, metallic sound. It repeats itself, falling into what seems to be a natural rhythm. **Clang!** **Clang!** Suddenly it stops and you hear a loud hissing noise, akin to the sound of hot molten lava pouring into a cold mountain lake. You find yourself enveloped in a cloud of hot, moist steam which quickly dissipates.
A spiritual scorpion A wave of nausea washes over you and your vision goes blank. A brief moment passes where you feel nothing, as if drifting in vast, empty space. You return to your senses shortly, but feeling a bit vacant somehow.
A spiritual scorpion Shadows suddenly swirl up from the abyss, enwreathing you in their inky depths. Gradually pinpoints of light break through as a vast night sky sprawls out above. You fix your gaze heavenward just in time to see a fiery comet streak across the sky, filling you with a sense of sadness.
A spiritual shark A vision of a crowded beach materializes before you. Children play happily in the water while their parents sit on the white sand chatting and enjoying the sun. Ominously the sky begins to darken, going from a clear blue to a cloudy grey and as you peer out over the water you see a huge tidal wave speedily churning towards the unsuspecting swimmers. You watch in mute horror as the tsunami reaches the shoreline and obliterates everything there. The vision fades.
A spiritual shark You see the image of a schooner pitching and yawing in an angry turbulent sea. Huge crested waves smash heavily against the struggling ship, drowning the deck in frigid seawater.
A spiritual shrew The wavering image of a beautiful blond mage appears before you. As you watch, she begins to twirl, and her fabulous multi-colored skirt swirls seductively around her long slender legs. The vision fades.
A spiritual shrike The image of a cozy bedroom materializes before you. An Elven couple are deeply asleep in their posted bed. The wife begins to thrash beneath the covers, her soft sobs breaking the silence of the night. As her cries become louder, her husband begins to stir and slowly awakens. As he begins to turn towards her, she suddenly bolts upright, screaming loudly, her hands beating away something unseen. She turns, trembling into her husband's arms, and the vision fades.
A spiritual shrike The image of a huge egg appears before you. As you watch, you notice it begin to roll and shake. A crack begins to form, and you see a tiny claw break through the tough shell, picking at it until a small hole is made. Suddenly the head of a baby lizard emerges from the opening. It opens its mouth and a small flame issues forth. It is then you realize that it is not a lizard after all. The image fades.
A spiritual tabby cat The image of a campfire materializes before you. Encircling the glowing embers in a small group of people resting quietly as they draw warmth and comfort from the smoldering flames.
A spiritual tabby cat The image of a cozy kitchen materializes before you. A black wood burning stove emits the smell of a succulent dinner cooking. You see a small child playing with a spinning top on a polished wooden floor while his mother sits at the table mending clothes. An older child is curled up on a rug by an open hearth reading a book. The vision fades.
A spiritual unicorn A vision of a Healerie appears before you. Several Empaths sit and efficiently attend to the battle-weary wounded who are brought to them. The pungent scent of herbs and potions fills your nostrils as a young Paladin lass passes in the arms of one of the martyrs, despite his best effort to apply various reagents to her wounds. The vision fades.
A spiritual viper The image of a rain swollen river appears. Dark muddy water filled with soggy debris churns angrily against a weakened dam. In horror you watch as the level of the water steadily raises until the structure can bear its weight no longer. With a huge explosion of sound the damn bursts and tons of water is unleashed, devastating the town below. The vision fades.
A spiritual viper You hear a deep rumbling deep in the earth below you and you feel a slight vibration. The movement becomes stronger as the ground starts to tremble beneath you. You fight to remain upright.
A spiritual vulture A macabre scene unfolds before you. You see a hunter patiently stalking his prey, a loaded crossbow in his hands. As he slowly creeps forward you notice an exposed root in his path. You try to shout a warning, but no sound escapes your open mouth. You watch in horror as in slow motion, the hunter's foot catches the root and he tumbles to the ground. The crossbow fires and impales him in the gut. He screams in agony and writhes in excruciating pain as his now empty hands attempt to staunch the flow of his life's blood. As the vision fades and you watch the hunter die a slow and agonizing death, you hear a satisfied gutteral rasping in the nearby forest.
A spiritual vulture The grim scene of a battlefield unfolds before you. Hundreds of mutilated bodies, some still alive, cover a bloody field. You see an undulating shadow hovering macabrely as it glides from one body to the next. It pauses over the fallen that are writhing in their final death throes and waits for them to breathe their last. The vision fades.
A spiritual weasel The image of a Halfling lass hanging clean white bedding on a clothesline emerges before you. The small sheets waft gently in the breeze as they dry in the hot summer heat. Inexplicably a dark black cloud appears in the clear sky. A torrent of rain deluges the crisp sheets and the ground beneath them. As suddenly as the storm appears, it vanishes, and the sun begins to dry the now soiled linen. The vision fades.
A spiritual weasel You experience a brief feeling of vertigo and find yourself high up on a huge precipice. You feel the hair on the back of your neck and arms raise, as if the air is charged with electricity, but you see no storm clouds. Suddenly the clear blue sky is filled with streaks of white light that coalesce into bolts of lightening, smashing into the side of the cliff near you. You dive for cover as rocks and boulders explode with the vicious strikes. The vision fades.
A spiritual weasel You experience a brief feeling of vertigo and find yourself high up on a huge precipice. You feel the hair on the back of your neck and arms raise, as if the air is charged with electricity, but you see no storm clouds. Suddenly the clear blue sky is filled with streaks of white light that coalesce into bolts of lightening, smashing into the side of the cliff near you. You dive for cover as rocks and boulders explode with the vicious strikes. The vision fades.
A spiritual welkin The vision of a temple shrine materializes before you. You see four marble columns supporting a latticework roof covered in flowering vines. A simple marble altar stands at the far end of the shrine before a brilliant tapestry in black and gold. You watch as two young children enter the area giggling and whispering to each other. Kneeling down they both very carefully reach into their pockets and remove a few pieces of sticky candy. They bow their heads whispering a quiet prayer, and gently place the sweets on the altar. The vision fades.
A spiritual welkin You see the image of an old basket weaver working diligently at his craft. Hundreds of his creations are stacked on several tables surrounding him, each item a testament to his extensive talent. The old man speedily works, his gnarled hands intricately intertwining the damp slats before they dry. He pauses briefly, with a puzzled expression. He ponders a moment and then looks carefully at the partially completed basket in his hands. You hear a small gasp escape his lips as he notices a flaw in the row he has just weaved. He mutters a quiet prayer of thanks under his breath as he unravels the slats to the point of error. The vision fades.
A spiritual wolf The image of three Heralds forms before you. You instantly turn your head, as you know instinctively that to gaze upon them will only cause you pain. Their mere presence seems to tug at the essence coursing through you. A gnawing thought seeps into your subconscious, a remembrance of something past. The images fade.
A spiritual magpie Your vision blurs, and you see the image of yourself old and withered. You are seated at a huge round table and are surrounded by friends and family who are toasting to your long life. As you raise your glass to drink of its contents the image fades.
A spiritual wolverine A beautiful vista materializes. You find yourself standing atop a mountain, with miles of open land splayed out before you. In one direction you can see lush apple trees dotting a flowered meadow. A bubbling trout filled brook meanders crookedly through fertile landscape, while a doe with a young fawn pause to drink from the cool stream. A dark forest greets you as you gaze in a different direction, while in another view snowcapped mountains emerge. Slowly the beautiful panorama, unblemished by mortal man, fades.
A spiritual wren A cozy room materializes before you. A black kettle of bubbling soup hangs from an iron hook over a crackling fire. Cooling on the table in the center of the room are several loaves of bread. Out of the corner of your eye a movement catches your eye. You gasp in amazement as you watch a slender figure with vibrant sapphire blue wings fly through the open window, grab the bread, and fly out! The vision fades.

TIP: When you see the vision and have a choice... the correct way to respond is to go SE, S or SW... depending on which sector the animal spirit is in. You cannot go east, or west.

There are 5 choices you have to make correctly before you can reach the dais where the grimoire is that you have to read before you learn Infusion. If you make the wrong choice, you will fall into Maelshyve's Ascent and be stunned for a moment. The bloodwraiths are in here so BE CAREFUL! I stepped into one room and one of them nailed me in one cast of fireball I think it was and I died. You have to run through the rooms but be careful while running because you can trip and fall, sometimes landing a few feet below on another level. Once you get to the top of it and go up, just GO THRONE and you will end up in the safe room (altar of flesh). Then go ne all the way, and s all the way back to the altar of the soul. GO BRIDGE again and start all over if you've failed.

If you take too long, the bridge will flicker and waver, then disappear and you will end up in Maelshyve's Ascent again. Then you will have to repeat the blessing of lach claws and putting them on the 3 altars part. Once you are successful and reach the dais, you need to open the grimoire, and then type READ GRIMOIRE and stay there until you have read it. This part will take awhile, and you will be locked into Roundtime for a total of 6.5 minutes.


Once you are finished reading the grimoire, there are two paths of egress from the spirit bridge:

With Shield of Light

  1. Remove and stow your physical shield to create a platform with Shield of Light. Your shield cannot be on your arm or in your hands.
  2. CAST Shield of Light, harness some mana and INFUSE SOL <amount of mana>. It will create a glowing platform.
  3. GO PLATFORM and you'll be taken back across the gap and be deposited at the altar of the soul. The messaging will instruct you to Jump Off to leave the platform. This is not the case. You'll automatically be deposited at the altar of the soul. You'll probably be immediately engaged by creatures so be ready to retreat and run to the safety of the Altar of the Flesh.
  4. From the Altar of the Flesh, GO SE, SE, SE, SE, SE, S, GO ARCH, West, GO DOOR to the Heirophant's Chamber.

To return to the surface, exit through the armoire in the Heirophant's Chamber. OPEN ARMOIRE, SEARCH ARMOIRE, GO ARMOIRE.

Without Shield of Light

  1. JUMP ABYSS to leave the spirit bridge. You'll experience a short stun upon landing.
  2. You can reference the top-left of this map to get out of the next are you will be dropped into: Slowly move from room to room, ascending up to the top of Maelshyve's Ascent. Moving too quickly between rooms will result in a trip and fall, Roundtime, falling prone and/or falling down to lower levels.
  4. From the Altar of the Flesh, GO SE, SE, SE, SE, SE, S, GO ARCH, West, GO DOOR to the Heirophant's Chamber.

To return to the surface, exit through the armoire in the Heirophant's Chamber. OPEN ARMOIRE, SEARCH ARMOIRE, GO ARMOIRE.