Ilithi Militia

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Disbanded in year 421 due to peaceful times in Ilithi.

Memories kept for Acynarian, an empath of our ranks who has walked the Starry Road.

The Crystal Vanguard

Serving as an extension of the force and will of the Crystal Tower of Ilithi, the Crystal Vanguard is devoted to protecting all subjects of the Ferdahl, as well as furthering and promoting the goals of the Tower.

Both sections that comprise Ilithi's fighting force: the Crystal Vanguard Infantry and the Crystal Vanguard Triage, report to Commander Rekave Diebo of the Crystal Tower, and are equally referred to as the Crystal Vanguard Milita.

Members of Importance


GMPC Rekave





Recruiting Officer



In effort to unify and simplify Triage procedures in Shard, a new field hospital was constructed just South of the city's Eastern Gate. Sponsored by the House of the Gentle Lion, the idea, designs, and decorum were composed in no small part by Crystal Triage Lieutenant, Dianelle al'Bannin and Theater Director, Sesi Hart.

Simple and unadvertised, the new Triage location provides a quiet location for healing and meditation, as well as medicines and equipment to resupply its visitors.


It is preferred that the location of the site is not to be disclosed on gwethdesuan channels during times of conflict, but rather to meet and guide the injured or those wanting to lend aid in for help. This will help to keep the Triage location, and the workers within, safer from assault by the enemies of Ilithi.

Military Surplus

The Militia has sponsored the opening of its own outlet surplus store with a focus on quality, affordable weapons, armor, and gear for the newer adventurer. It also stocks basic supplies such as gwethdesuans and cambrinth and some high-end armors and weapons. (Depending on availability!)

Upkept by Wilbo Brockhouse by commission of the Vanguard, the shop is presently in the process of relocation to the Crossing Plaza.


The Vanguard began its service to Ilithi 8 months and 408 years after the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. Reforming its military force was but the first of many measures that the Tower enacted in response to increased threats to Ilithi and her people.

For a few years, Commander Rekave Deibo was reported missing and absent from duty. Interim Commander Gordaer Sib'Meliyge was appointed to lead the Crystal Vanguard until Commander Diebo could be found. After extensive therapy and empathic care, Commander Diebo has since returned to his duties after recovering from a crippling amnesia. Having received a near fatal blow to the head while patrolling the reaches of Wyvern Mountain, the stalwart paladin had been surviving alone (aside from his best friend Wilsyyn, the pinecone-filled wyvern bladder) the entire time, unaware of who or where he was.


The message board for the Ilithi Crystal Vanguard can be found at: