I'll Eat My Hat (3)

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I'll Eat My Hat
Event Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[I'll Eat My Hat, Showroom]
Piled along the metallic walls is a bewildering array of materials and foodstuffs. Fruit mingles with cotton; chocolate is piled upon silk. Neatly displayed around the center of the room, the sales goods themselves appear fairly ordinary but smell distinctly peculiar for articles of clothing. You also see an ebony stand with several things on it, a deobar stand with several things on it, an ironwood stand with several things on it, a cedar stand with several things on it, an oak stand with several things on it and a sugar-coated door.

Obvious exits: none.

  • Note: All the items in this shop are edible!
On the cedar stand
Item Price Done
deep wine-red vest buttoned with silver grapes 1,127   
creamy marshmallow white vest swirled with caramel 1,127   
deep strawberry-red vest lined with pale pink 1,127   
sumptuous mocha brown vest frothed with creme lace 1,127   
absinthe green vest emblazoned with a skull and crossbones 1,127   
On the ironwood stand
Item Price Done
layered buttery yellow capelet tied with a floofy bow 1,353   
delicate creme cape embroidered with strawberries 1,353   
velvety caramel-hued cape festooned with chocolate-brown ribbons 1,353   
aromatic vanilla-tinted cloak lined with smoky brown fur 1,353   
chunky tomato-red cloak adorned with spiralized pasta shells 1,353   
On the oak stand
Item Price Done
olive herringbone deerstalker topped with a creamy white bow 902   
charcoal deerstalker with a marbled red lining 902   
dark nomlas derby hat pinned with an elk-shaped brooch 902   
warm cinnamon-hued riding hat affixed with a cocoa-dusted veil 902   
fuzzy peach riding hat affixed with a cluster of taffelberries 902   
On the ebony stand
Item Price Done
pungent licorice-black moccasins 1,127   
minty green ankle boots embellished with gold-dusted pistachios 1,127   
cherry-red boots laced with chocolate-brown ribbons 1,127   
cream-colored loafers striped with orange 1,127   
glossy apple-red galoshes 1,127   
On the deobar stand
Item Price Done
airy cotton candy pink scarf flecked with shimmery bits of glitter 902   
fluffy scarf fringed with marshmallow-white threads 902   
thick molasses-brown scarf dotted with golden bits of amber 902   
summery scarf fringed with blueberry pompoms 902   
bright watermelon-pink scarf edged in bright green 902