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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild

Abbreviation: -
Prerequisites: Calm
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: metamagic / -
Description: The Hypnotize metaspell reflects advanced training in the Calm spell. With mild alterations to Calm's pattern and personal training, a Moon Mage can learn to issue simple commands to creatures he has calmed.
Effect: Allows calm creatures to be commanded
Example Messaging: Die:
You force your will upon a swamp troll, shouting, "Die, die, die! To Urrem'Tier's caress!"
A swamp troll twitches and then flops onto the ground!
A swamp troll ignores your command.
Devices/Tattoos: Bold blue xibaryl diadem, Emerald and xibaryl wristband, Item:Bold blue xibaryl diadem, Item:Emerald and xibaryl wristband, Item:Shiny blue xibaryl runestone, Item:Sky blue linen doll shaped like a sleeping Halfling, Sky blue linen doll shaped like a sleeping Halfling


  • Useful for crowd control and diffusing volatile situations peacefully.
  • Can COMMAND multiple critters of the same type at once. The number of creatures that may be commanded at a single time is a product of your Primary Magic skill. Only creatures can be commanded; it will not work on PCs. Only Moon Mages can use this ability.
  • Fluffy COMMAND messaging can be toggled on and off with SPELL BRIEFMSG. Potential commands include:
    • Beg - "Plead for your life, repugnant monster!"
      • Fluff. Causes it to whimper and whine pathetically. 2 second RT.
    • Stand - "Rise and serve me!"
      • Forces it to stand if kneeling, sitting, or prone. 2 second RT.
    • Bow - "Bow before me, beast!"
      • Forces it to kneel. 2 second RT.
    • Lie - "Lie upon the ground!"
      • Forces it to become prone. 5 second RT.
    • Sleep - "Sleep, and dream before me!"
      • Forces it to become prone. 5 second RT.
    • Die - "Die, die, die! To Urrem'Tier's caress!"
      • Forces it to become prone. 5 second RT.
    • Flee - "Begone! Flee before my might!"
      • Forces it to retreat from you, then leave the area if possible. 2 second RT.

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