Hvairn's Shields

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Hvairn's Shields
Event Rathan Carnival
Owner Hvairn
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Shield shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Hvairn's Shields]
Four objects dominate this small, low shop, with its grey walls and cast iron braziers. The first is a large iron plaque near the door, mounted in full view of all visitors. The others are an oversized shelf, counter, and glass case, filled to overflowing with shields of all sizes, shapes, and emblems. A group of industrious Dwarves answer the questions of customers, accept money, and bring out new inventory all the time. You also see a sign and a doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

What follows is a series of extracts from the book, 
"Elothean, the International Language of Heraldry," by Tiiksa Tabalo.
Be it noted, Hvairn and his associates neither accept nor reject the 
Elothean terminology, but perceive its general usage. 
-The Management

Blue: sitane
Purple: ainine
Red: maenane
Green: jutialane
Black: ruune
White: nage
Maroon: kalane
Orange: kehtalane
Silver: siikspalune
Gold: peadipalune

Ermine, white with black tails: nagemaruuneki
Ermine, but black with gold tails: ruunemapeadki
Blue and white: sitanemanageki
A colored field with drops of red blood upon it: paanimani

Left side: valitsule
Right side: tomaarasule
Center: maaspeleule

Ordinaries (Riikakonnas): One group of charges.  Note that all devices are as
viewed from in front.

A centered vertical line: eduutul
A horizontal line, top third of shield: lehtad
A line from the upper left to the lower right: avat
A line from the upper right to the lower left: avatonis
A thick, centered horizontal line: lehtor
A thin, centered horizontal line: leht
A cross: eduutuleht
An X-shaped pair of lines: olaks
A chevron: pagu
A Y-shaped pair of lines: olaksbaltega

Field Divisions:

A centered vertical line: eduutul
A horizontal line on the top third of a shield: lehtad
A line from the upper left to the lower right: avat
A line from the upper right to the lower left: avatonis
A thick, centered horizontal line: lehtor
Several thin, centered horizontal divisions: leht
An X-shaped line: olaks
A chevron: pagu
Several thin, centered vertical lines: eduu
Star-like eight lines, dividing a shield: koijuun
A diamondlike crosshatch background pattern: ruutlosu

Types of Lines (Pilat):

Wavy: Arenalate
Enarched: Saakalate
Teeth-like: Tullate
Flamelike extensions: Sissalate
Battlement extensions: Tabaaslate
Small bumps: Eesalate
Larger teeth: Kavtullate

Positions of Animals: (Sava mebiks)

Lying but alert: erasto
Walking: petahalo
Lying at rest: rasto
Rearing up: ikkago
About to spring: eikkago
Just standing: rolkemo
Sitting on haunches: motelemo
Facing the sinister side of the shield: avatade
Head facing front: kuitade
Head facing backwards: nuurlanade
Two animals back-to-back, tails entwined: savnurteilatade
Facing one another: karut
Attired: liita
Facing front and cut off cleanly behind the ears: kuitsdav
Facing the Side and cut off cleanly behind the ears: patuuksdav
Cut off at the neck: puumstadav
As if torn off, with jagged skin: blatoksele
If the animal is emerrging from the shield edge or another
charge or division: pabaastemeloos
Half the animal: kiisava
Flying: tegutalgo
Wing tips turned up: inimalaavago

Additional Useful Words:

tali: between
dektaa: beneath
ti: in
An iron plaque reads:
Welcome to my shop. I stock a wide variety of newly forged shields, 
based on old images seen in my many travels throughout Elanthia. 
Everything here can be LOOKed at. If you have trouble seeing the stuff 
on the counter, check out the sign, there. 
I hope we can do business, because I'm sure you'll enjoy my product! 
-Hvairn Arnlinmag 
On the walnut shelf
Item Price Done
red kite shield inlaid with cinnabar and opal highlights 29,750   !!
gold-embossed oval shield 16,400   !!
triangular sipar 1,050   !!
diamond-shaped tariqah embossed with vine filigree 18,100   No
circular steel tureh with silver-alloyed scrollwork 6,920   No
Dwarven warrior's shield 7,000   !!
tooth-edged iron tureh 11,475   No
ash-blackened sipar 1,350   !!
black jagged-edged tariqah 13,750   No
black tower shield 14,000   !!
badly scuffed target shield 1,050   !!
curved shield with a raised silver flange 5,960   !!
On the counter
Item Price Done
gold kite shield 7,500   No
red tower shield 12,000   No
blue kite shield 7,500   No
blue oval shield 6,000   No
blue medium shield 3,600   No
green target shield ?   No
black tower shield 12,000   !!
orange medium shield 3,600   No
black kite shield 7,500   No
silver tower shield 12,200   No
silver oval shield 8,100   No
green kite shield 7,500   No
green medium shield 3,600   No
green tower shield 12,000   No
red oval shield 6,000   No
silver kite shield 7,500   No
blue tower shield 12,000   No
magenta kite shield 7,500   No
red medium shield 3,600   No
orange oval shield 6,000   No
orange kite shield 7,500   No
In the glass case
Item Price Done
eight-sided kite shield 15,700   !!
eight-sided medium shield 5,700   !!
eight-sided oval shield 12,200   !!
eight-sided curved shield 5,400   !!