Hunka's Seaside Delights

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See Hunka's for other similar stores.

Hunka's Seaside Delights
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Hunka's Seaside Delights, Front Room]
Enclosed within smooth driftwood walls, the shop is dominated by a wraparound seaglass counter that is flanked by a large cookware display and some salvaged rope netting. Colorful paper lanterns in the shape of various fish are suspended from the ceiling in playful clusters. You also see a wide-planked driftwood door. Obvious exits: none.

On the seaglass counter
Item Price Done
raw yeasted dough dusted with sugar crystals - cooks into a hot sugared doughnut filled with luscious raspberry jam 125   
raw fish fillet dipped in a thin batter - cooks into a crispy piece of beer-battered fish sprinkled with flakes of sea salt 156   
cold noodles mixed with uncooked prawns and chunks of raw crab - cooks into a spicy seafood pasta generously laden with large prawns and chunks of crab 187   
bowl of uncooked mussels mixed with chopped parsley - cooks into a fragrant bowl of steaming mussels flecked with chopped parsley 187   
crescent-shaped beef pasty with a pale crimped crust - cooks into a buttery crescent-shaped beef pasty with a golden crimped crust 156   
raw shrimp mixed with chunks of butter - cooks into a buttery potted shrimp generously slathered over triangular toast 187   
On the cookware display
Item Price Done
smooth silversteel cupcake pan bolstered by oversized rims 381,250   
shallow silversteel roasting pan with reinforced edges and rounded corners 381,250   
tall silversteel stock pot with riveted seashell-shaped handles 381,250   
shiny silversteel fry pot paired with a perforated strainer basket 381,250   
On the rope netting
Item Price Done
compact cast-iron firebox with smooth square sides 38,750   
small coralite camp stove flecked with glittery gold inclusions 3,001,250   
oblong darkstone travel oven with a flush-mounted mistglass door 376,250   
portable tyrium cooking brazier balanced upon a tapered wrought-iron tripod 3,751,250