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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Mer'Kresh (Ranik Map 107)
Relatives: Ysabel

Hugh, the old man in the Mer'Kresh citizenship office in the Town Hall, makes the medallion's given to new citizens.


Even seated, Hugh is obviously tallish for a human. He has a warm, friendly smile, and a kindly expression. Hugh's eyes are vivid blue, and despite his age his now-white hair is still thick upon his head. Cypress shavings are scattered in his lap, stuck in his boot-tops, and dot the floor around his chair. A dapper dresser, he is clothed in a hip-length green cotton hac that is belted at the waist and soft doeskin trousers.


  • clerk: Glancing up at the clerk, the old man's expression softens. "That's my daughter, Ysabel. She lets me come here every day an' keep her company while she works." He holds up a medallion "And I make these for gifts to give to our new citizens."
  • M'Riss: Pausing in his whittling, the old man shows you his work. It is oval, with a stylized ship and volcano relief carved into. "M'Riss is our home, our island. This is one of her symbols."
  • default: The old fellow dozes off, his dreams punctuated by soft snoring, and you realize you'll have to save that question for some other time.


  • A wood shaving curls off the piece of cypress Hugh is whittling. The fragrant sliver of wood falls from the carving, bounces from Hugh's lap and onto the floor.
  • The clerk pauses from her scribbling to set pour a cup of tea. She glances toward the old man and asks, "Would you like some tea, Father?" Hugh looks up briefly from the medallion he is working on, smiles and answers, "No thank you, Ysabel."
  • The elderly gentleman whittling concentrates on his work, while the clerk behind the counter does some paperwork.
  • The elderly man hums softly as he works with a piece of cypress.
  • The old man sits in his chair, whittling a small oval medallion.
  • A youngish-looking Elven woman strolls in with two meal pails, and an adolescent Elven boy in tow. Passing the food to the clerk, the Elven woman says cheerfully, "Now, don't you and your father stay too late at work! Remember, we are entertaining guests tonight!"
The elderly clerk nods and replies, "We won't forget, Mother. I promise!"
The Elven woman kisses the old man and winks at him. "Hugh, you'll like the new hac I bought."
Hugh kisses his wife's palm. "I'm sure I will 'cama," he replies warmly. He hugs his son, then waves as the two Elves leave.
  • Hugh stares at you a moment before commenting to the clerk, "Doesn't she look just like that gal that ran off with..." Hugh blinks then blushes and finishes with a stammer, "But of course that was someone else." He mumbles a moment and resumes whittling.
  • Loud yelling punctuated by several shrieks sounds from outside. Ysabel looks out the window, then shakes her head and murmers disapprovingly about the noise.
Hugh asks her, "What's all that ruckus?!"
The clerk replies, "Just some of the children playing with a tourist stuck in the canal, Father. Nothing to be concerned about."