House Kisarta

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House Kisarta rules the land of the Meram and Siato Peninsulas south of Langenfirth and west of Riverhaven. The bulk of Therengian farmlands lie on Kisarta territory. House Kisarta also contributes assistance with the route between the two lakeside towns. Their crest is a swooping hawk clutching a sword scabbard in one talon, upon a gold banner.

  • 406AV - In recent years, the mining operations on both peninsulas have yielded several rare and extravagant gems, one of those being the Siato Star emerald, which has also contributed to the wealth of the House.
  • 414AV - Lady Soludar had been in poor health, and negotiations between the House and royal Throne are underway to ensure Lord Danarden's place as Lord of the House.
  • 416AV - Lady Soludar walked


  • House Kisarta was lead by the late Lady Soludar Kisarta.
  • Lord Danarden Kisarta, son of Lady Soludar, and heir to the Morzindaen House.