Hork command

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An RP command to hork (almost vomit).

You see: You feel bile rising in your throat. The burning sensation tickles your esophagus and enters your mouth, causing you to almost expel the liquid. Reflexively (and disgustingly), you manage to deglutition it back.
Others see: <Player> makes a strangled gurgling sound, and you briefly notice (his/her) eyes bulge before <Player> swallows hard.

You see: Your stomach churns and you gag involuntarily.
Others see: <Player> grips (his/her) stomach and gags involuntarily.

You see: You suddenly feel ill and barely choke back a vile expulsion of your last meal.
Others see: <Player> looks ill, as if (he/she) is about to lose (his/her) last meal.