Holy Weapon quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

You must be a Paladin of at least 50th circle to go on this quest. You should have a Cleric Bless one of your weapons (not your future holy weapon) before going to Mer'Kresh.

Starting the Quest

  1. Go to the Guildleader's Den in Hibarnhvidar. Other guildleaders might be able to give you this quest.
  2. ASK DARIUS ABOUT HOLY WEAPON, and wait until he says, "Good luck to you, and the gods keep you safe."


  1. Go to Genevive's Sweet Tooth in Shard.
  2. ORDER NUT BREAD for 36 Dokoras. (Other bread might also be acceptable, but this definitely works.)
  3. Find Sentinel Lyle. He may be on the New South Bridge or in the Great Tower.
  4. ASK LYLE ABOUT QUEST (Move your bread to your right hand PRIOR to asking *See below*)
  5. ASK HRIANA ABOUT LYLE, (I could not get this to work after several tires until I typed it out in ALL CAPS 5/19/2015) and wait until she says, "I am grateful to him if the truth be known. He has never been anything but a gentleman, occasionally bringing people like you to listen to my tale. Lyle has never been rich, and I have never had true greatness. But I am thankful for the roof over my head and that at least there is some food within the cabinets."
  6. OFFER BREAD TO HRIANA (You seem to need the bread to be in your right had PRIOR to asking Lyle about her as once in the house you cant swap and she wont seem to recognize you have it otherwise 5/19/2015)
  7. Go to the Guildleader's Office in the Tower of Honor.
  8. ASK SNOW ABOUT HRIANA, and wait until she asks, "You will, won't you?"
  10. Go to Fiona's Fine Swords and Shields.
  11. ORDER LION-EMBLAZONED SHIELD for 4,059 Dokoras. (If you order the wrong shield, Cleworth won't accept it.)


  1. Go to Castellan's Office in Theren Keep.
  2. GIVE SHIELD TO CLEWORTH (the one you bought in Shard)
  3. ASK CLEWORTH ABOUT HOLY WEAPON, and wait until he says, "If you truly want to know more, I'm afraid you will have to speak to her."


  1. Go to Lady Avant's Office in the Paladins' Guild.
  3. ASK AVANT ABOUT STTIEJAL, and wait until she concludes, "He is probably out roaming the city if you'd like to find him. I need to get back to work here, I'm afraid."
  4. Find Sttiejal. (He wanders but might be found on Gull Circle.)
  7. Pursue Sttiejal to the next room, and ASK STTIEJAL ABOUT PORTAL again.
  8. Wait until he "presses a small key into your hand and nods in the direction of the guild."
  9. Go to the Paladins' Guild, and find the Hallway with the locked door. (The room description ends with "A lone door sits in the far northwest corner." From the Entrance, go door, go arched passageway, go gate, climb steps.)
  10. While holding the key that Sttiejal gave you, UNLOCK DOOR WITH MY KEY.
  11. You should find yourself in a Small Room with a footlocker. This room has a box with a combination lock. TURN GOLD DIAL ON BOX and TURN PLATINUM DIAL ON BOX to change the combination. PUSH BUTTON ON BOX to attempt to open the box.
  12. When you find the right combination, "a portal you hadn't seen before" will appear. GO PORTAL.
  13. You will find yourself in the Glade of Dreams. Follow the Shady Lane until you find a room where "Two hulking cyclopses guard an arching trellis." GO TRELLIS.
  14. Keep walking until you find a Secluded Garden with "a large granite boulder." GLYPH EASE BOULDER.
  15. PUSH BOULDER and GO STEP to enter a Darkened Stairwell.
  16. Go DOWN as far as you can until you find the "massive wooden door" in the Underground Cavern. (You may encounter bony fylgjas and grey death spirits. These cannot be killed without a blessed weapon, but killing them is not necessary to complete the quest.)
  18. You should be in a room with an altar. PUT [DESIRED HOLY WEAPON] ON ALTAR. You should "sense a bonding between you and the weapon."
  19. You will find yourself back in the Small Room with Sttiejal. Listen to his speech until "Sttiejal fades away." If you've done everything right up to this point, you should see "You have also obtained the Glyph of Renew," when you type GLYPH, and you should see, "Your [weapon] is barely glowing with holy power," when you look at your weapon.

Charging Your Holy Weapon for the First Time

Do not attempt to use your new holy weapon before you charge it. If you use it when it is out of charges, it will lose its power, and you'll have to charge it twice before you can use it again.

Note: you cannot charge your holy weapon while it has a weapon strap tied to it.

  1. Go to the Chapel in Shard's Tower of Honor.
  2. PRAY CHADATRU (Your hands must be empty, and it's normal to "feel your head is not cleared enough to pay proper respect to Chadatru.")
  3. Wait there for five minutes. When it says, "After clearing your thoughts, you pray deeply toward Chadatru. A warm, soothing sensation washes over your soul," you're ready to charge your weapon.
  4. While holding your holy weapon, GLYPH RENEW [WEAPON].
  5. When you look at your weapon, it should no longer just be "barely glowing with holy power."

You can now use your holy weapon. Repeat that procedure at any charging location to recharge it.

Accessing Emille the Vist's burial chamber (Changing Holy Weapons Quest)

Rumors of a 100 circle requirement to switch holy weapons are false. Ritual was successfully completed at 80th circle. It's likely there is no circle requirement. It does require you to possess a holy weapon.

  1. Make certain you have your current Holy Weapon with you AND the weapon you want to be your new holy weapon.
  2. Go to the Hibanhvidar Paladin Guild in Forfedhar, from the entry, go NW, climb step, pull torch, go entrance.
  3. From here go W, SE, E, SW, W, SE, NE, S, W until you find yourself inside the burial chamber.

You only have 6 REAL LIFE hours to complete the ritual. You can only do this 1 time every real life year; that’s 365 days.

DO NOT perform the ritual if you are not certain about switching your holy weapon! Your old holy weapon will be destroyed in the process.

Once the ritual begins there is no way to stop it. If an error occurs, assist IMMEDIATELY. If you wait, you most likely will not like the results.


Within the burial chamber:

  1. With holy weapon in hand, OPEN chest. You will have to confirm by typing the command a second time within 20 seconds.
  2. Get the token from inside the chest.
  3. Put your current holy weapon on the rack.
  4. Put your the weapon you want to be your new holy weapon on the altar.
  5. Put the token in the fire.
  6. The ritual takes 120 seconds, and causes RT. DO NOT logging out during this time.
  7. Once you complete the ritual, go back out, and touch the image on the ground to get yourself out of the underground caverns.