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An extensive overview of the alteration process, along with guidelines and lists of rare materials required for alteration additions can be found on the Alterations page.

  • Premium subscribers are allowed 3 alterations per Hollow Eve festival.
  • Free accounts and standard subscribers are allowed 2 alterations per festival.
  • These limits are per account, not per character.

This limit pertains only to alterations done by merchants within the festival grounds. Alterations gained from scrolls, such as those found in the Sleeping Dragon Corn Maze, do not count towards this limit. Staff reserves the right to lift these limits when and if the majority of ticket holders have received their allotment of alterations before the end of the festival.


Merchants sessions are held in Saidakyp of Andreshlew.


  • Keep an eye on Discord ([1]) and the calendar for merchant appearances!
  • Live merchants and alterers could show up unannounced at any time! Be vigilant!
  • A schedule of some pre-announced sessions is available via the FESTIVAL ALTERATIONS command.

Session List

The "Alterations Done" column should contain the number of alterations done during the session (if known). The "Items" column should contain a very brief description of the types of items that were done.

Note: All future sessions that appear here based on the schedule listed in FESTIVAL ALTERATIONS or via announcements made in the official discord server. As such, they are subject to change. For those would like to see the times in their local time zones, click the links and enter your time zone to see how that translates to your local time.


Date Day Time (EST) Merchant Alterations
2023-11-02 Thursday [11:00pm] Tansae 10 General alterations and item stackers
2023-11-02 Thursday [11:00pm] Maishi 6 Clothing and jewelry items
2023-11-03 Friday [12:00pm] Sindah 15 Clothing, bags and shoes
2023-11-03 Friday [9:00pm] Megaya 19 General session with some complex items (magical stuff, atmo changes, etc.)
2023-11-04 Saturday [7:00am] Urdesas 5 Clothing, jewelry and everyday items
2023-11-05 Sunday [2:00pm] Megaya 29 General session with some complex items (magical stuff, atmo changes, etc.)
2023-11-05 Sunday [8:00pm] Tompkins 7 Furniture (All furniture must be in voucher form.)
2023-11-05 Sunday [11:00pm] Korelene 10 vanity pet and pet sack alterations
2023-11-08 Wednesday [11:00pm] Eludia 5 Shadowlings
2023-11-10 Friday [2:00pm] Sindah 16 Clothing, bags and shoes
2023-11-10 Friday [5:00pm] Sindah 20 Clothing, bags and shoes
2023-11-11 Saturday [2:00pm] Nedrina 5 Tattoos
2023-11-11 Saturday [9:00pm] Hhsuna 5 Features
2023-11-12 Saturday [7:30am] Urdesas 10 Clothing, jewelry and everyday items
2023-11-12 Sunday [4:00pm] Hhsuna 3 S'Kra Head Crest
2023-11-12 Sunday [8:00pm] Soovie 6 Food
2023-11-13 Monday [4:45pm] Zipsy 10 Titles
2023-11-13 Monday [9:00pm] Zipsy 35 Titles
2023-11-13 Monday [9:00pm] Zipsy 2 Signature verb
2023-11-14 Tuesday [9:00pm] Hrinagri 7 holy icons, soulstones, holy weapons, and pilgrim's badges
2023-11-14 Tuesday [10:00pm] Tidworth 5 Mechanical things, adding clockwork to mundane items. EZAtmo Items
2023-11-15 Wednesday [9:00pm] Megaya/Phinara 57 General session with some complex items (magical stuff, atmo changes, etc.)
2023-11-16 Thursday [4:00pm] Zipsy 5 Add Cambrinth to items
2023-11-16 Thursday [8:00pm] Hashal 10 Clothing, Jewelry and Containers
2023-11-16 Thursday [10:00pm] Pobea 9 Prediction tools, telescopes and planetary gems
2023-11-17 Friday [2:30pm] Sindah 21 Clothing, bags, jewelry and shoes
2023-11-17 Friday [9:00pm] Olvin 6 Login/Logout and depart messages
2023-11-18 Saturday [7:30am] Sigzil 4 Foci and Cambrinth
2023-11-18 Saturday [6:00pm] Phinara/Herlewin 56 Simple and complex items
2023-11-18 Saturday [10:00pm] Endalar 5 Guardian Spirit
2023-11-19 Sunday [2:00pm] Sindah 8 Clothing, bags, jewelry, and shoes
2023-11-19 Sunday [9:00pm] Kouzan 4 Musical instruments
2023-11-20 Monday [12:00pm] Urdesas 7 Clothing, jewelry and everyday items
2023-11-20 Monday [9:00pm] Phinara 14 Clothing, containers, jewelry, weapons, cambrinth
2023-11-21 Tuesday [9:00pm] Svedwel 5 Maker's Marks (requires a HE alteration slot and not having had a maker's mark session previously)
2023-11-21 Tuesday [11:00pm] Sestiva 5 Adds food to magical cookware
2023-11-22 Wednesday [9:00pm] Sigzil 10 Foci and Cambrinth
2023-11-22 Wednesday [10:00pm] Zipsy 3 Signature verb
2023-11-24 Friday [7:00am] Urdesas 4 Clothing, jewelry and everyday items
2023-11-24 Friday [1:45pm] Megaya 10 General session with some complex items (magical stuff, atmo changes, etc.)
2023-11-24 Friday [8:00pm] Phinara 5 EzAtmo + planetary gems
2023-11-24 Friday [8:00pm] Rellecke 5 Familiars
2023-11-24 Friday [9:00pm] Zipsy 2 Signature verb
2023-11-24 Friday [10:00pm] The Spidersworn 17 Wildlace/Alteration of living spider cloaks
2023-11-25 Saturday [12:30pm] Megaya 25 General session with some complex items (magical stuff, atmo changes, etc.)
2023-11-26 Sunday [2:30pm] Halvon 7 Chakrel, War Cloaks and othe rbarbarian sunderies.
2023-11-26 Sunday [4:15pm] Hvelga 6 Armor
2023-11-26 Sunday [5:45pm] Endalar 5 Embrace of the Vela'tohr/Circle of Sympathy
2023-11-26 Sunday [6:00pm] Sindah 12 Clothing, bags, jewelry, and shoes
2023-11-26 Sunday [6:00pm] Zipsy 39 Titles
2023-11-26 Sunday [5:40pm] Kouzan 6 Musical instruments
2023-11-26 Sunday [8:30pm] Megaya 26 General session with some complex items (magical stuff, atmo changes, etc.)


Date Day Time (EST) Merchant Alterations
2023-11-05 Sunday [5:00pm] Urdesas 4 General session
2023-11-06 Monday [9:00pm] Phinara 3 Simple and complex items
2023-11-10 Friday [9:00pm] Tansae 5 General alterations
2023-11-19 Sunday [9:00pm] Maishi 3 Clothing and jewelry
2023-11-26 Sunday [8:00pm] Tidworth 3 Mechanical items
2023-11-27 Monday [8:00pm] Hrinagri 2 Paladin holy relics
2023-11-27 Monday [9:00pm] Soovie 3 Food
2023-11-28 Tuesday [9:00pm] Eludia 2 Cambrinth, Shadow Servants, and Shadowlings
2023-11-28 Tuesday [9:00pm] Svedwel 1 Maker's Marks
2023-11-29 Wednesday [9:00pm] Pobea 0 Prediction tools, telescopes, and planetary gems
2023-11-29 Wednesday [10:00pm] Sestiva 1 Adds food to magical cookware
2023-11-30 Thursday [9:00pm] Nedrina 2 Tattoos
2023-11-30 Thursday [6:00am] Urdesas 5 General session
2023-12-01 Friday [6:00am] Urdesas 5 General session
2023-12-01 Friday [6:00pm] Hvelga 4 Shields, Armor, Parry Sticks
2023-12-01 Friday [8:00pm] Kouzan 3 Musical Instruments
2023-12-01 Friday [9:00pm] Tompkins 1 Furniture
2023-12-02 Saturday [10:00am] Urdesas 8 General session
2023-12-02 Saturday [6:00pm] Hhsuna 3 Features
2023-12-03 Sunday [4:00pm] Rellecke 0 Familiars
2023-12-03 Sunday [6:00pm] Phinara 4 Simple and complex items
2023-12-03 Sunday [7:00pm] Zipsy 3 Signature verb

The Fallen

Date Day Time (EST) Merchant Alterations
Date DayOfWeek Time MerchantName ###

Total Merchant Alterations

Instance Alterations
Prime 628
Platinum 65