Hollow Eve Festival 432 Raffle Center

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[The Massive Metal Arachnid, Raffle Center]
The polished bronze walls of the room easily reflect the light of the hanging lanterns. A wide granite counter sits on this side of a canvas curtain dividing the interior space into two rooms, preventing the casual peruser from seeing the cache of prizes beyond. You also see Raffle Attendant Kentikatili, a bucket of viscous gloop, a raffle result board, a large iron arch and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

"Containers may have been filled using extraordinary measures.
If you take something out, it may or may not go back.
We will not put it back. Remove things at your own risk!"


  • There is a 12 hour timer after you win a prize before you can buy another ticket
  • There is also a 3-prize total over the course of the festival.
  • When picking up a ticket, GET TICKET FROM COUNTER or BUY TICKETS to avoid picking up a ticket from the bucket.
  • If you are the winner of a prize, PUT TICKET ON COUNTER to claim it.
  • If you did not win a prize, PUT TICKET IN BUCKET to discard it.

Raffle 139

Item Winner Notes
a treasure map Jooles
a songsilk pilgrim's badge framed by an e'erdream wren Grakraw
a silver-edged wrist knife with a wolf engraved along the blade Rezzian
a glossy black silk purse stitched with a tomiek-hued broodling Milanie
a walnut lockbow with an engraved silver boltplate Djordje