Hollow Bellies (3)

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Hollow Bellies
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Hollow Bellies]
The air is heavy with the smell of all manner of foods, from sweet treats to hearty stews. A long counter separates the public from the back cooking area and serves as a display for all the wonderful gastronomic creations.
You also see an alchemy table with a couple of things on it and an exit door.

On the vial rack (which is on an alchemy table)
Item Price Done
large vial of rainbow sugar 18   !!
vial of purple sugar 9   !!
vial of blue sugar 9   !!
vial of green sugar 9   !!
vial of pink sugar 9   !!
vial of orange sugar 9   !!
vial of red sugar 9   !!

In the candy cauldron (which is on an alchemy table)
Item Price Done
white and purple turnip lollipop 9   !!
brown chocolate cow lollipop with white spots 9   !!
green zombie head lollipop with dangling red licorice 9   !!
dark raven lollipop with red cinnamon drop eyes 9   !!
marshmallow lollipop decorated with rich white frosting to resemble a ghost 9   !!
translucent skull lollipop with a pink jellybean suspended in the cranium 9   !!

On the long counter
Item Price Done
steamed pork dumpling 7   !!
tiny spider-shaped cake with black licorice legs protruding from its sides 9   !!
cube of peanut butter fudge 8   !!
rich chocolate cupcake set with a cookie gravestone 9   !!
sugared jelly roll 7   !!
spiced apple bar 7   !!
pink gelatin brain 7   !!
strawberry mousse-filled puff dusted with cocoa powder 9   !!
miniature pumpkin pie 13   !!
bread bowl of turnip stew 18   !!
pumpkin-shaped snickerdoodle 7   !!
soft sugar cookie topped with a miniature chocolate raven 9   !!
mini chocolate chip loaf 7   !!
warm five-cheese biscuit 7   !!