Heke'mhhg River

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Map: RanikMap46
Province: Therengia
City: Muspar'i
Downstream Skill: 100
Upstream Skill: 100
Swimming Cap: Unknown

The Heke'mhhg is a salt-water river in Therengia outside the desert city of Muspar'i. The river runs between the Velaka Trade Road on the west side of Muspar'i and Lake Ratamipak.

As seen from the Velaka Trade Road before you dive in:

Glittering and vibrant blue, the water of the river is clouded by its heavy salt content, making the depth difficult to judge with just a cursory glance.

The name Heke'mhhg may be familiar to gem collectors who have a Heke'mhhg lazuli in their possession, although if there is a connection between the river and the gem is uncertain.