Healing Reagents (book)

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Healing Reagents


Herb: Area Affected:

Nemoih Root external head Blocil Potion internal back Eghmok Potion internal head Georin Salve external neck Riolur Leaf internal neck Jadice Flower external limbs Yelith Root internal limbs Plovik Leaf external chest Ithor Potion internal chest Nilos Salve external abdomen Muljin Sap internal abdomen Hulnik Grass external back Junliar Stem internal back Sufil Sap external eye


Herb: Area Affected:

Qun Pollen external head and eye scars Hulij Elixir internal head and eye scars Genich Stem external body scar Ojhenik Potion internal body scars Jadice Pollen external limb scars Nuloe Stem internal limb scars Cebi Root external scars Hisan Salve internal scars

original version by Baishir Almi revised by Bashrah Almi, daughter of Baishir