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Status: Alive
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Location: Riverhaven (Ranik Map 31f)
Type: guild leader

Apprentice to Guildleader Mortom Saist, she took his place as the Guildleader of the Moon Mage Guild in Shard after he faked his own death. When Mortom was revived during the events of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy, he reclaimed his position in Shard and she was reassigned to a temporary guildhall in a tent on the roof of the Pierless Inn in Riverhaven, then later to a more permanent residence in the obsidian spire north of the city. Was an important character during the Mirror Wraith Prophecy, and rumored to have had romantic relationships with a number of important figures, including the criminal Grell.


Gylwyn is without a doubt the most beautiful Halfling lady you have ever seen. Her high, fair cheekbones are set with eyes a deep blue and framed by a shock of long, black hair, which stretches down to her slim waist. Dressed in a simple gown of white silk, her gentle presence leaves no doubt in your mind that she is a queen among people wherever she may go.

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