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Two people who possess linked gwererest shells (also known as "whisper shells") can whisper to each other no matter where they are in the world.

Gwererest shells were designed for Barbarians, but that changed as magical lore was further shaken out.

"Gwererest" is Gamgweth for "speak far."

Use and Syntax

To communicate via gwererest shells, the shells must first be linked and bonded to their owners.

  • INVOKE MY SHELL: bonds (or unbonds) the shell to its owner
  • RUB MY SHELL TO OTHER SHELL: Links two whisper shells together. MESSAGING: You rub your shells together. They seem to cling together for a moment.
  • WHISPER MY SHELL: Whispers to the person with the linked shell. MESSAGING: You whisper into your shell. Your voice is lifted away on the wind.

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