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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild undisclosed
Instance Prime
Relatives [[Brother is Merchant Prince Xip; Sister-in-law is Sage Morganbin; also Sister-in-law Raynedust and former Brother-in-law Xaba. Ex-husbands: first husband Pantelliden; second husband Andragon for over 40 years and daughter Andrelyn. Adopted daughter Ripa in 428 with current husband Klurn Odarien.]]


You see Light of the World Gwenddolyn MacAlhaismorien-Odarien, Speaker of the Order of the White Rose, an Elf, who is surrounded by a corona of fiery light.

Gwenddolyn has elegant arched eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, a pair of heart-shaped spectacles accenting crystal green eyes and dimples accented by a pair of tiny blue gold beads. Her platinum-streaked strawberry hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a profusion of Elven gold jambu flowers interspersed with vibrant glass beads. She has fair skin and a scattering of vivid scarlet fire-roses glowing like banked embers upon a lithe figure. She is tall for an Elf.

A dragon-blood ruby adorned with an intaglio pair of crossed forge hammers nestles at the top of her forehead, brightened by faint, darting sparkles deep within the gem.

A bat-eared clockwork puppy wearing animated wings floats lazily around her left forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against her skin. She appears to be an adult.

Her forearm has a tattoo of elaborately entwined knotwork dragons that curve their heads inward to grasp onto the other's tail.

She is in good shape.

She is wearing a simple crown lifesculpted from sky blue elanthite, a thealstone-encircled sanowret crystal surmounting a silver crown, a lustrous platinum ferroniere inset with a large star ruby, a golden Imperial battle helm with trailing purple horsehair, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a dull serpent earcuff, a soulstone mongoose earcuff, a pair of diamond inset rose-cut ruby earrings with rainbow sapphire teardrops, some blued steel prayer beads graced with a briolette-cut rainbow sapphire, a talismanic gold hand with haze sapphire inlay, a stunning laced gold necklace with a huge star sapphire cradled by a ruby rose, a mottled smoke-grey zibeline cloak with a vibrant golden firesilk lining, a small sapphire-eyed lizard, a pair of faceted Gemfire ruby cufflinks with dark animite settings, a silversteel-inlaid damite fob suspended on a square-linked chain, a silversteel-inlaid diamondique fob suspended on an obsidian-beaded chain, a ruby nose-stud carved to resemble a drop of blood, an exquisitely woven white silk rose with an emerald green stem twined around a platinum seven-pointed star, a gold lapel pin shaped like a seven-pointed star, a clockwork granite gargoyle pin with its face set in a lascivious leer, a witch ball, an alabaster dragon bauble, a dragon-shaped shadow emerald clasp with a dark animite setting, a Elven silver cricket charm dangling a tiny brass bell, a clockwork spider, a mottled purple flower, a glaes-feathered clockwork owl with enormous absinthe emerald eyes, a tyrium clockwork sabrewing hummingbird with a piquant expression, a small white goat pin surrounded by a cage of woven twigs, an elegant black velvet baldric with an image of a rampant fire-breathing dragon with shimmering silver wings, a tyrium-tipped gloomwood spear inlaid with stalwart brown penhetite, a silversteel oval shield emblazoned with a rose, a black leather backpack embroidered along the flap with a scarlet dragon, a raw-mistsilk fencing shirt with high-laced sleeves and a ruffled collar, a formal onyx imperial weave tunic, some golden Imperial battle armor inlaid with animite seven-pointed stars, a blackened pewter epaulet set with a cambrinth crest of the Paladin Guild, an ice-veined leather arm pouch of dusky peach, a kertig-inlaid anlora-avtoma armband inlaid with icy blue sapphires, a triple-reinforced vardite pavise shield, a silversteel oval shield emblazoned with a rose, a slender alabaster staff with a silver cobra coiled along it, a steel-plated crossbow with a sculpted dragon-head cranequin, a glitzy nielloed gold wristlet dusted with crushed lush viridian estrildite, a delicate sungold calling card dispenser boasting a huge ulhari prism, a lustrous bangle of flame-kissed gold gypsy-set with rainbow sapphires, an elegant animite hand wristlet accented with golden chains, some flame-discolored hand claws tipped with sharpened black katambite streaked with gold, some golden plate gauntlets trimmed with black leather, a series of tiered windsteel wire finger rings dappled with rainbow sapphire rounds, a platinum engagement ring set with an antique miner-cut rainbow sapphire, a platinum wedding band set with a crystalline dragon's tear circled by onyx thorns, a lustrous animite ring set with a pale blue svelae, a thick-banded animite ring set with a cabochon duskbloom sapphire, a glacier emerald and platinum ring, a diacan ring, a wide mahogany-hued Therengian war belt riveted with lion's head medallions, a rugged forger's belt wrapped with fraying grey bourde, a triple-stranded electrum hip-chain dangling ruby-tipped claws, a spacious pig-sized spun rainbow airship swaying from a toothy razaksel gear, a blackened steel belt hook with an embossed leather hip guard, a silver warhorn inlaid with sapphire raindrops, a blanket-lined willow basket with an emerald-eyed electrum dragon clasp, a war mammoth shaped forging kit with dark brown leather straps, a snake charm, a sleek black firesilk kilt cinched with an amber-jade pin, a black silk garter with a delicate lace fringe, a silversteel-trimmed journal sprinkled with a myriad of rare gems, a blue leather harness with a glistening tin clasp, some pale ivory hose accented at the ankles with golden dragonflies, a black silk garter with delicate lace fringe, some winged black firecat leather boots with silversteel buckles, a triple-strand anklet suspending rainbow sapphire teardrops, a braided black gold anklet inlaid with fiery red rubies, some silversteel anklets festooned with animal skulls and a tiny blue-grey puppy with stubby wings.


Name Gwenddolyn MacAlhaismorien-Odarien
Race Elf
Spouse Klurn Odarien
Citizenship Zoluren
Preferred Location Rossman's or Dirge
Features Gwenddolyn has elegant arched eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, a pair of heart-shaped spectacles accenting crystal green eyes and dimples accented by a pair of tiny blue gold beads. Her platinum-streaked strawberry hair is very long and wavy, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a profusion of Elven gold jambu flowers interspersed with vibrant glass beads. She has fair skin and a lithe figure. She is tall for an Elf.
Roleplay Stance Heavy
PvP Stance Guarded
Quote "My horse, my sword, and my Province; are my heart, my life, and my purpose."


Career Armorsmith; Masterfully crafted metal armor and shields, Plate, Chain, Brigandine, and rare metal forging. Also does Tempering, Lightening, and Reinforcing.

Hobbies Blacksmith and Weaponsmith. Metallurgist, smelts and refines ingots, rare metals, expert miner. Utility Crafter; Metal Containers, Lockpick rings, Keyblanks. Metal Weapons, specializing in Polearms and Martial Weapons.

Quick Reference

Birthplace Zoluren
Heritage Elf mother and Human father.
Date of Birth Chandu, 26 Arhat 320 (age 110). Born on the 26th day of the 6th month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 320 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
Height 6' 4"
Voice Soprano
Alignment neutral and light
Affiliation Speaker of the Order of the White Rose
Gods Rutilor, Chadatru, Albreda and Kuniyo


Gwenddolyn owns a fully trained war horse named "Crusader", which was purchased from a rare horse breeder, Ishtvan, during the Crusades.
The Zeharca horse is eighteen hands high with a mahogany and gold-colored, brindle-striped coat. It has a reddish-brown mane and tail. The gelding has a brilliant white, cross-shaped mark centered on the forehead.
The horse is wearing a silver-plated chanfron etched with the crest of Therengia and edged with scarlet roses, a finely tooled black leather saddle edged in scarlet roses with a jade green dragon head pommel, a black velvet caparison embroidered in scarlet and gold roses, some black spidersilk tail ribbons clasped with blood-red ruby roses, a saddle pad, and a black leather bridle exquisitely accented with iridescent green scales and crowned by a scarlet rose.


Inside a blanket-lined willow basket with an emerald-eyed electrum dragon clasp, is an emerald green-eyed fluffy chocolate brown kitten.
The brown kitten looks like: The silky rich chocolate coloring of this longhaired kitten is extra poofy and fluffy, and broken only by marshmallow white paws and a white-tipped fuzzy tail.
A blanket-lined willow basket with an emerald-eyed electrum dragon clasp look like: The loosely woven sides of this basket are padded with a marshmallow-white spidersilk blanket smeared with chocolate paw-prints and provide a strong but breathable carrier for whatever is inside. A small electrum dragon-shaped clasp with glittering emerald eyes carefully secures the basket.


Gwenddolyn found her small sapphire-eyed lizard named "Izzy" inside an old chest in an abandoned Dragon Cavern while on an expedition with Terald, having held an interest as a shareholder in his treasure hunting expeditions. Terald told her the winged lizard was very old and dated back to an ancient Empire.


• (Please note, the years are approximate as this timeline was based on the memory of an aging Elf.)
• 428: Gwenddolyn and Klurn adopt Ripa as their daughter.
• 425: Gwenddolyn was inducted as Speaker of the Order of the White Rose of Zoluren.
• 424: Gwenddolyn resigned from the Therengian Court as Champion to the Morzindean House Trigomas after several failed attempts to retire from duty once becoming an Armorsmith and Metallurgist.
• 418: Gwenddolyn resigned as Commander and turned the reins of Command over to Klurn. In her absence, the Therengia Cavalry fell into an inactive status.
• 416: Gwenddolyn married Klurn Odarien.
• 415: After 44 years of marriage to Andragon, and having had their daughter Andrelyn born several years before, Gwenddolyn divorces Andragon because of his prolonged absence and failure to return to Elanthia.
• 404: Both Gwenddolyn and Marsais were demoted from Senior Commanders to Commanders of the Therengia Cavalry and Northern Watch respectfully by Baron Gyfford Theren, which was sometime after Drexella's trial.
• 402: Ishtvan came to Therengia and sold very rare horses, including Haramorlam and Zeharca horse breeds. Gwenddolyn, then Sr. Commander of the Cavalry, had first choice, and chose a Zeharca horse with a cross-shaped marked on its forehead, thereby earning the name "Crusader." Trading in her beloved buckskin horse was difficult, and replacing that rare bond was never duplicated.
• 397: Lyras is defeated.
• 395-398: Gwenddolyn was assigned the Command of the Escort Team to protect the Outcast Princess Macja while traveling to and from the Velaka for various meetings with Outcast King Raenilar, beginning before they eloped, and after their marriage was dissolved.
• 394: Inducted to the Therengian Court as Champion to the Morzindean House Trigomas, assigned to Lady Shantelle by Baron Gyfford Theren.
• 393: The Bloodworm Comet appears.
• 388: The Holy War begins, initiated by High Priestess Tallis.
• 380: A buckskin horse attacks and chases Gwenddolyn while on a Therengia Cavalry horse round-up in Horse Clan with Naturn. After a long chase, Gwenddolyn asks Naturn to catch the buckskin because it clearly chose her and would be an awesome fighting horse. This was her first War horse for many years.
• 377: Andragon and Gwenddolyn celebrated their 6th Anniversary with a spooky themed party in the newly opened haunted manor. After an exciting treasure hunt for prizes, they were visited by the dead Gypsy Princes during a Séance given by a Gypsy Fortuneteller using a Crystal Ball, followed by an undead invasion.
• 376: Promoted to Senior Commander of the Therengia Cavalry by Baron Gyfford Theren.
• 375: Baron Jeladric Theren IV dies and Baron Gyfford Theren is coronated.
• 375: Witnessed Gypsy Rebel Saeward partake in the attack on Theren Keep, leading to the horrible death of the Great Baron Jeladric Theren IV after Rebels were discovered in Theren Keep.
• 375: She served in the Outcast War as Commander of the Therengia Cavalry.
• 373: Inducted as Commander of the Therengia Cavalry by Baron Jeladric Theren IV.
• 373: Offered a Command position of the Qi Militia but returned to Therenborough before acceptance to notify Baron Jeladric Theren IV of her resignation of oath, which he refused to accept.
• 371: Resigned from Theren Guard after having revised the Order Charter following the House Hedeon split from Theren Guard in (363).
• 371: She married Andragon, Speaker of the Theren Guard. Many wonderful wedding gifts were received, including armor made and given by Baltiziel, and rare metal weapons made by Magdar.
• 370: Began her a special quest, but after her betrothed Andragon became trapped within the quest while attempting to drag his dead wife to find a cleric, the entire quest had to be halted in Elanthia for over 3 years until the door that was damaged could be repaired. (She finally finished this quest several years later.)
• 370: Befriended Mendasity while visiting the Qi islands to train, and accepted his gift of a claymore to be used for a special quest.
• 368: Every magic user loses all of their magical abilities during a great time of suffering in Elanthia while no raising can be done by clerics.
• 364: She was appointed Ambassador of Theren Guard assigned to the Gypsies of Ker'Leor, and attended meetings with the Gypsy Princes Raymer, Talorc and Yric and King Talorcen. Their stuggle for power among them began, once King Talorcen was killed, followed by Raymer and Yric, which left Talorc as King.
• 363: She was appointed Communications Officer and to Council of the Theren Guard.
• 363: Gwenddolyn married Pantelliden of the Order of the Dragon Shield. He divorced her less than a year later to marry an Empath member of the ODS.
• 363: Kidnapped by Pirate Captain Ildu while on guard duty (assigned by Baron Jeladric IV Theren) at Prince Vorclaf’s Ball, and held for ransom. Managing to pass a message to her brother Merchant Prince Xip telling him to refuse to pay the ransom, she was made to walk the plank and nearly died after being attacked and bitten by numerous sharks in the Reshal Sea. On the eve of her wedding she was rescued from the sea by a private ship that carried her betrothed along with members of both the ODS and Theren Guard.
• 363: Gwenddolyn was assigned to the Guard Tower near the Greater Fist to guard the border of Therengia during the end of the Sorrow War. Shortly afterwards, Lord Sorrow is killed at the Standing Stones.
• 362: Shortly after the abduction and rescue, Gwenddolyn was recruited to join the Theren Guard while it was still a part of House Hedeon.
• 362: After several days, she was rescued by the Theren Guard and turned over to House Hedeon for protection, where she temporarily resided with Vien.
• 362: Kidnapped from Zoluren by G'nar Peth Itron during his search for a missing artifact, Gwenddolyn was then gated to Therenborough and held hostage.
• 359-362: She fought in the Sorrow War with the Crossings Defense Legion.
• 358: She went to Undershard with Ruslip for extensive war training with the CDL.
• 357: She joined the Crossings Defense Legion (CDL), which was then Commanded by Maliktoo, and trained often with Ruslip, Rayac, Kem and Kitain.
• 357: She joined a different Guild, after noticing questionable issues within the Moon Mage Guild.
• 356: She walked the Starry Road after trying to go through a rogue moongate while a Mentor was taking her to learn how to get favors.
• 356: She joined the Moon Mage Guild at age 36.
• 320: Gwenddolyn was born to an Elven Mother and Human Father in Zoluren. Family history includes the story of a female relative who was a Huntress assigned to protect the Ram Clan sometime after the Elven-Human War, and prior to the formation of the Seven-Pointed Star Empire.