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Grishnok Kroan
Status: Dead
Race: Goblin
Gender: Male

Grishnok Kroan is a Goblin assassin and kidnapper, once held in the now-destroyed Ulf'hara Keep dungeons.

Position in Goblin Heirarchy

His position within the goblin heirarchy is somewhat complicated, occupying a lower position than a prince yet having more say in decisions that are made. He works directly as an enforcer for the Goblin King and has ignored orders from Prince Tnok on at least one occasion. His relations with Tnok are poor, possibly because of a power struggle between them.

According to Grishnok, there is only one Goblin King, and one Grishnok, but many many Princes - one die, King make more. Grishnok operated as if his position reports directly to, and answers only to the Goblin King.

Contract against the Empath Guild

Outcast War

When we first ran into Grishok he was capturing caravans of peasants to ship to the "Angry People" who we later came to discover were the Outcasts.

Grishnok soon became busy making "new friends", his way of addressing these allies or union of bad guys that for various reasons agreed to assist the Outcasts in their march to claim Shard.


Assisted the Outcasts, along with Jomay, Shark Clan, Naarg and others, in capturing Shard (ca. late 2004). His work in this capacity likely began with a province-wide search for Gorbesh fortresses, one of which, outside Shard, was later occupied by the Outcasts. At one point (ca. early 2003) captured Edenlaen with the assistance of Jomay and Ealuik. Said that he would return her and roughly ten other hostages in order to complete an agreement in which money and troops were his compensation.

Additional Information

Assisted in the capture of Zoryl, who has since been returned (May 2003).

Though very dangerous with light edged weapons, he is reputed to be vulnerable when otherwise armed.

Reportedly Grishnok is currently in the dungeons of Ulf'Hara Keep awaiting execution. Other sources confirm tha the Velmix and Jomay performed unknown rituals which resulted in the transfer of Grishnok into Goblin Prince Tnok's body and vice verse.


You see Grishnok Kroan, a Goblin Assassin.
He has dark green leathery skin. Black eyes mirror back the coldness of his stare. He has a large muscular frame and is quite handsome for a goblin.
He appears to be in his prime.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, some black leather cross-laced boots, some dark leather combat armor with a giant eye embroidered on the breastplate and a black leather thigh sheath.

Trading Card

Grishnok Kroan, the goblin assassin. Grishnok was hired by the Goblin Lords to help fulfill a 707 year old contract with the Empath Jomay. Jomay was instrumental in the downfall of the IHG (Imperial Healers Guild) and sought refuge with the Goblin Lords. Grishnok was hired to cause disruptions within the Empath Guild and keep the Guild Leaders from discovering Jomay's plot before she could cause havoc with shift. Grishnok is a cold killer with an odd sense of humor. He is well aware of his surroundings and rarely puts himself in a position of danger.

Ulf'Hara Keep Destruction -- 17 Shorka, 410 AV

Grishnok was one of the many who perished in the bombing of Ulf'Hara Keep by the Elpalzi.

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