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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Darkling Wood (Ranik Map 68a)

The stout Human's hairline flees from his brow to a brimless leather cap worn back on his head, making him look almost Elothean. Lengths of matted black hair spill from the back of the cap, some falling across his face in the form of an unruly beard braided and tied in places with strips of sinew. His green tabard occasionally peeks from beneath the dark oilcloth greatcloak that covers most of his plate armor, but leaves his moccasined calves and feet exposed. Pale deep-set blue eyes seem always focused on something far in the distance.


  • About himself:
Not taking his eyes off the horizon line, Grimnur nods and says, "Captain Grimnur here. I been overseeing the watch along this wall for a good many years now. Still see the family, of course, but the work here's not willin' to give us vacations, you see." Shifting his gaze to another faraway something, he says, "You notice the vines been real active along the western leg lately? I'd best advise the Commander get some reinforcements out there."
An uncharacteristically warm grin curls the left side of Grimnur's mouth as he says, "That old ranger's a piece of work - best archer in these parts in his prime. And instead of a pension, he's pledged to be our Last."
Grimnur shakes his head, "Not many that have that much gumption left if they make it to his age."
Grimnur shoots you an accusatory glance and says, "Good man as long as you're mindin' your post."
Unmoving but for a cold sideways glance, Grimnur says, "Don't buy that Halfling's boots."
Grimnur says, "As long as that batty old Dwarf stays out of my way, he can collect all the rocks he wants to."
A wide smile of yellowed teeth breaks across Grimnur's face and he says, "Makes the finest ale this end of the realms! When you've time, take a tankard with the old dog up at the abandoned mine."
Grimnur nods, "Oh aye, the nardel of the reach. She'll be a help to you if you're lookin' for healing herbs and such." Grinning with yellowed teeth, he says, "Good old gal, there."
Grimnur says, "Oh aye, you'd find some welcome there, but don't you tarry long. You don't belong there."
Grimnur rubs his bottom lip with the back of his thumb. He looks at you and says, "I know that name as the child of Ptera, Matron of Shadow. Seome was just a boy when he went over the wall and folks thought him long dead when he come back with her."
Nodding toward the south and the Dark Hand, Grimnur says, "You see, he was the first child to learn what it is they know."
Grimnur directs his gaze over the forward battlements, "You can see it from here... out over the Lost Ground... what's left of it, anyway." Furrowing his brow, Grimnur says softly, "Was a damned shame what happened when the Arm fell, but ain't nothing to be blamed but the weakness in mens' hearts. The forest doesn't put it there, it just uses a natural ally when it finds evil there."
Grimnur narrows his eyes and whispers, "Ain't real words to describe it to you the way it is, aye. You'd never understand it."
Wetting his wind-chapped lips with his tongue, Grimnur says, "The Knights hold the line against the Dark Hand here at Corik's old wall. We don't get much pay and lose lots of sweat, blood, and time from our kin for it, but it needs to be done, aye. 'Least our lives are still ours to guide as we choose," he says. Grimnur nods toward the south and quietly adds, "There are some that only rest when they're dead."
Nodding out over the forward battlements, Grimnur grins at you and says, "Oh, aye, they're out there in the Hand." Glancing at you for a moment, he continues quietly, "I thank Chadatru they are, else this wall'd do little good. They're what's left of the great northlanders what came south when the 'Priests' Empire fell."


Grimnur patrols on top of Corik's Wall in Blackthorn Canyon (68a).