Grey Raven Commissary

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Grey Raven Commissary
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Grey Raven Prison, Yugasi
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Alchemy shops, Armor shops, Cambrinth shops, Crafting shops, Magic shops, Tattoo shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Grey Raven scrip

[The Crossing, Grey Raven Commissary]
A cedar counter spans the room from wall to wall, topped by a series of brass bars, preventing anyone from reaching the back of the shop where the various wares are displayed. A wiry clerk stands behind a small opening in the bars, able to securely pass the items for sale out to buyers. A red door door leads back out to the street.

You also see a simple sign, a small chest with several things on it, a stone table with a few things on it, a wooden perch with a polished steel war hammer with a wire-wound oak haft on it, an ebonwood display plaque with a compact ironwood riot crossbow with a yew lath on it, a large iron safe inlaid with platinum coins, a display case with a couple of things on it, a file box for important papers and documents, a narrow shelf with a couple of things on it, a wire birdcage, a low shield stand with a massive steel riot shield painted with a black raven on a dull grey background on it, a shallow brass bowl, a pine shelf with a couple of things on it, an ink-splattered curtained archway, a grey steel equipment rack with several things on it, a gold-veined white marble pedestal with a smooth grey stone box on it, a pegboard display wall with several things on it, an ironwood shadowbox containing a gleaming silver ring and a small hook with a sapphire prism on a diamond encrusted chain on it.

A simple sign reads:
"The furniture vouchers can be redeemed by any Estate Holder to
receive a piece of furniture for their home capable of holding 30 items.
On a small chest
Item Price Done
off-white furniture voucher - Contains a lacquered smokewood trunk painted with dancing silhouettes 1,200   
red furniture voucher - Contains a darkened smokewood rack etched with elaborate designs 1,200   
green furniture voucher - Contains a smokewood armor stand with dusky swirls 1,200   
magenta furniture voucher - Contains a dusky smokewood wall with intricate carvings 1,200   
cyan furniture voucher - Contains a smokewood dresser painted with nocturnal creatures 1,200   
yellow furniture voucher - Contains a purple-curtained smokewood bed with fanciful carvings 1,200   
On the stone table
Item Price Done
tarnished ring mail hauberk accented with gleaming golden links 3,000   !!
enameled lamellar hauberk embellished with a dragon 3,000   !!
heavy cambrinth manacle 3,000   !!
On the wooden perch
Item Price Done
polished steel war hammer with a wire-wound oak haft - chippable weapon 5,000   
On the small hook
Item Price Done
sapphire prism on a diamond encrusted chain 1,500   !!
This item currently not available.
On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
mismatched Tokka deck 1,000   No
gilt-edged Tokka deck 1,500   !!
These items currently not available.
On the display case
Item Price Done
discolored rat bones 2,000   !!
pale bones carved with runes 3,000   !!
On the small pedestal
Item Price Done
Keishalae card - 5 alterations, cards added once previous ones used 5,000   No
This item has been retired.
In the file box
Item Price Done
well-written hawkbill instructions - unlimited uses 750   !!
In the iron safe
Item Price Done
supple leather moneybelt with a brilliant cambrinth and niello buckle - Moneybelt, holds 300 coins 2,000   
oiled leather belt with a polished platinum buckle - Moneybelt, holds 300 coins 2,000   !!
On the display wall
Item Price Done
large cambrinth and niello wolf charm - mana booster (War Mage only) 2,000   !!
darkstone stiletto - backstab booster (Thief only) 2,000   
stylish chain armor inlaid with jeweled musical notes - health booster (Bard only) 2,000   !!
ivory-edged kite shield bearing an image of a magnificent unicorn - fatigue booster (Empath only) 2,000   !!
platinum chain helm adorned with a spiraling horn - harness booster (Cleric only) 2,000   !!!!
pale blue silk tunic embroidered with running boars - health booster (Barbarian only) 2,000   !!
gleaming silver tower shield embossed with a set of golden scales - balance booster (Paladin only) 2,000   !!
safecracker's thigh bag - Contains some fingerless safecracker's gloves, a pair of safecracker's goggles and a hooded safecracker's shroud. Lockpicking and Disarm boost. 1,750   !!
grey steel riot helm with an icesteel visor - Boosts evasion. 2,000   !!
In the ironwood shadowbox
Item Price Done
gleaming platinum Grey Raven guard's ring - Transforms into Grey Raven guard's staff with spiked metal bandings, a Grey Raven guard's cutlass with a double-wrapped grip, a Grey Raven guard's claymore with an acid-etched blade, a gleaming steel Grey Raven guard's shield, a polished steel Grey Raven guard's longsword and a mahogany-handled Grey Raven guard's knife. These are lesser versons of the singly sold ones. 5,000   !!
On the equipment rack
Item Price Done
mahogany-handled Grey Raven guard's knife (1) - Auction quality weapon. 1,250   
polished steel Grey Raven guard's longsword (1) - Auction quality weapon. 1,250   
gleaming steel Grey Raven guard's shield (1) - Auction quality shield. 1,000   
Grey Raven guard's claymore with an acid-etched blade (1) - Auction quality weapon. 1,250   
Grey Raven guard's cutlass with a double-wrapped grip (1) - Auction quality weapon. 1,250   
Grey Raven guard's staff with spiked metal bandings (1) - Auction quality weapon. 1,250   
On the marble pedestal
Item Price Done
smooth grey stone box - Deposits 3000 coins per RL week into any bank account. No fee. 2,500   !!
On the display plaque
Item Price Done
compact ironwood riot crossbow with a yew lath - 14 bolt repeating crossbow 4,500   
On the pine shelf
Item Price Done
plain grey chaplain's satchel - plain canvas covered prayer book stenciled with a black raven silhouette (holds prayer parchments), a glossy cambrinth orb (108 capacity), a slender glass vial with a cork stopper (glows), a fragile blown-glass prayer chime shaped in a circle, a dull grey feather quill (verby) and a slender steel holy scepter 3,000   No
pine alchemist's tool crate - Contains a makeshift Wayerd pyramid made from scrounged glass and metal, a tin unlonchai bucket crudely engraved with snowflakes, a crudely carved wooden bowl, a wooden mixing stick, a crude glass poultice jar with a wooden stopper, a crude granite pestle and a crude granite mortar. 500   !!
In the wire birdcage
Item Price Done
dull grey raven charm - whisper charm 1,500   !!
On the shield stand
Item Price Done
massive steel riot shield painted with a black raven on a dull grey background - Huge old shield, based on old template. 2,500   

Tattoo Parlor

[Grey Raven Commissary, Tattoo Parlor]
Painted a plain ocean-grey, the walls do little to provide aesthetic in this cramped corner of the hut. A low cedar table displays a variety of dark stains and contains materials for the artist to perform his skilled work. Adjacent to the workstation, a reclined chair with scarred padding provides the space for clients to occupy during a session. You also see a catalog, Tattoo Artist Yugasi and an ink-splattered curtained archway.

                                 Tattoo Parlor
                    We're willing to put our art on your:
               1) shoulder                        2) forehead
               3) cheekbone                       4) thigh
               5) left wrist                      6) right wrist
               7) abdomen                         8) forearm
               9) chin                           10) left cheekbone
              11) right cheekbone                12) calf
              13) left ankle                     14) right ankle
              15) left temple                    16) right temple
              17) left hip                       18) right hip
              19) left palm                      20) right palm
              21) right shin                     22) left shin
              23) right knee                     24) left knee
              Check the MENU for art you enjoy.  Then CHOOSE the
               location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.
                      [CHOOSE REMOVE for tattoo removal.]
 1) | a grey raven with its wings wrapped about a red heart that reads "MOM"
 2) | a simple grey raven with its wings spread in flight
 3) | a grey-winged raven behind a set of bars
 4) | a grey raven wrapped in heavy chains
 5) | a broken lock cradled within the wings of a grey raven
 6) | a faded identification number
 7) | a sparrow flying over a sunny horizon
 8) | a sleek tomcat clawing a padlock
 9) | an imposing fortress with several spires
10) | a bright cathedral spire piercing through dark clouds
11) | a bronze epaulet detailed with a grey raven
12) | a heart-shaped key dangling from rusty chain links
13) | a voluptuous woman in a suggestive pose
14) | a twisted stiletto impaling a globe of Elanthia
15) | a trio of teardrops
16) | the goddess Albreda weeping over a white dove with bloodstained feathers
17) | the word "Widowmaker" in crude black lettering against a misty grey spiderweb
18) | a Harawep's Pawn spider bearing sharp fangs drenched in venom
19) | a single thriving flamerose on a dead bush full of thorns
20) | an evil-eyed goshawk perched atop a blood-soaked coin purse
21) | a pair of snake-eyed dice licked by tongues of black and indigo flame
22) | a hand of cards displaying a royal flush
           Tattoo services cost 250 scrip.  Removal costs 25 scrip.
                  No refunds.  Not responsible for accidents.