Greater Fist of Heaven

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The largest volcano on the continent, located in southern Therengia, the Greater Fist of Heaven is also semi-active. Eruptions from the Greater Fist destroyed the city of Darkstone, and more recent eruptions brought ruin to Sicle Grove Village. The Greater Fist of Heaven is located along the northern edge of the Journelai Shel, and southeast of Lake Gwenalion. You can ride mine carts from the top to the bottom. Description

The formerly dormant volcano known as the Greater Fist lies within the southern border of Therengia. This terrible example of the raw power of nature recently erupted, destroying the halfling settlement of Sicle Grove. Travelers should avoid the area if possible.

Description from Pentaith at The Wren's Nest

The second volcano in Zoluren. Larger, and more active then the Lesser Fist. Mibgluc's stronghold was atop the Greater Fist of Heaven, and he used it to destroy Sicle Grove. The Greater Fist of Heaven is now accessible through the ruins of Sicle Grove. Darkstone was also destroyed by the rage of the volcano. The path up the volcano is treacherous, and few will know to help if you fall to your doom from the dangerous footpaths.