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|Critter Name=Giant Thicket Viper
|Critter Name=Giant Thicket Viper
|Image File=viper.jpg
|Image File=viper.jpg
|Has Coins=no
|Has Coins=no
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|MaxVal=446 Kronars
|MaxVal=446 Kronars

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Giant Thicket Viper
Relative Level 55-60
Skill Cap 100 to 170
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins No
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes No
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Backstabbable Ambush only
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Ranged
Stealthy No
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses Unknown
Skinning Details
Part Name poisonous viper sac
Part Weight 4
Ranks Required 115
Max Value 446 Kronars
356.8 Lirums
321.834 Dokoras
0.446 LTBpoints
0.446 Tickets
0.446 Scrips
Max Arranged 570
570 Kronars
456 Lirums
411.312 Dokoras
0.57 LTBpoints
0.57 Tickets
Manipulatable Unknown
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


Nearly as wide as a full grown human, it's also much longer and it often measures 15 feet in length. Fierce, deadly and the foe of all who meet it, it seems at times to express almost human qualities. Some legends suggest that the thicket viper was indeed among the races of our kind but were enchanted into the poisonous, hateful thing you now see.

In Depth

Special Attacks

Vipers can spit poison into eyes of their enemies. Eye armor only protects some of the time. Shields can block it, but parry has no effect. When you get poisoned by a viper, you get two poisons: nerve poison and stunning poison. The poison causes random stuns and internal nerve and eye damage. The poison also stacks - as you get hit with more poison the potency of the poison increases.


The area that the vipers share with the Giant Black Leucros is heavily overgrown. With low perception and/or scouting ranks you will likely not go in the direction you intend when you move. This can make getting out of the area quite difficult.

Some other things to note:

  • Occasionally drop gems ("I've gotten large gold nuggets off them."- Zarrurvok) and other things from the 'misc' loot table.
  • Moving around teaches minimal perception and scouting (if a ranger).
  • Moving around drains your fatigue.
  • Peering can cause roundtime as you climb a tree to look around.
  • You can use a machete to HACK in a certain direction. This will make it easier to move in that direction.
  • As perception and scouting increase you will be better able to move in your intended direction, until you are no longer hindered at all.


Giant thicket vipers occasionally drop a random assortment of odd items.