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The Genealogy Office will allow you to control access to your last name (surname).



[Town Hall, Genealogy Office]
Motes of dust drifting gracefully through muted shafts of light intertwine with the smell of old parchment. A barrier of desks, dull with age and use, straddles the room to create a counter between the public and the clerk whose job it is to maintain the records of the province and handle citizens' requests. Elegantly illuminated genealogical charts framed in rosewood hang behind the clerk's counter.
You also see a meticulously dressed office clerk and an oak door.

  • In Crossing, Zoluren, go to the Town Hall.
  • CLIMB the STAIRS, GO down the HALL, go WEST twice, GO through the oak DOOR


[Sshoi-sson Palace, Genealogy Office]
Sectioning off the room is a long counter, creating a secure space for the elderly clerk whose slow movements have been known to anger citizens in a hurry to get on their way. Mixing with the smell of old parchment is a lingering scent of stale tobacco coming from the direction of a cluttered, heavy desk tucked safely behind the barrier. Hung above a wooden bench in the waiting area is a painted sign, lending low budget decoration to the plastered walls.
You also see an elderly office clerk.
Obvious exits: out.


[Ibec Hall, Genealogy Office]
Forming a counter that divides the small room is a desk long enough to accommodate additional employees when things get hectic. Everything is kept neat and tidy, from the stacks of record books to the genealogy charts hung along the walls, showing the resident clerk's attention to detail. A padded bench sits near the door, encouraging citizens to sit and wait their turn instead of pacing around the office in hopes of hurrying the bureaucratic process along.
You also see a well-mannered office clerk.
Obvious exits: out.

  • In Therenborough, find the Ibec Hall in far the far NW section of the city
  • GO arch, NORTH 3 times, GO GOLD ARCH, GO IRON DOOR


Premium players receive a 10% discount on non-adoptive services

Will give you a big speech over the available commands

Register your existing surname, preventing others from registering it for themselves.
ASK CLERK FOR REGISTER <name> where NAME is the surname you currently possess

Cost is 100000 Kronar or 90000 for Premium
NOTE: If you have a last name through a bonded/verby wedding ring, you need to clear it from the mechanics using the ring also.

Clear your existing surname if you no longer want it. It is necessary to clear it in order to obtain a new surname.
ASK CLERK FOR CLEAR CONFIRM is required to finish this process

Cost is 50000 Kronar or 45000 for Premium

If you desire a surname and do not have one. Must clear it before choosing a new one.
ASK CLERK FOR CHOOSE <name> where name is the surname you desire.

Cost is 10000 Kronar or 9000 for Premium
NOTE: If you have a last name through a bonded/verby wedding ring, you need to update it from the mechanics using the ring also.

Traders of 55th Circle or higher can obtain two types of licenses. See below for details.

Cost is 150000 Kronar

Remove a specific person's privilege to distribute your surname.
ASK CLERK FOR RESERVE <name> where name is the first name of the person who has management rights of your surname

Cost is 10000 Kronar or 9000 for Premium