Frog's Tent of Wonders

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Frog's Tent of Wonders
Event Rarely available
Owner Frog, Lilli
# of Rooms 20
Store Type Toy shops, Clothing shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops, Container shops, Moon Mage shops, Shield shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
A glowing brazier of polished brass stands watch here, throwing flickering shadows into a small room to the west. A light scent of dye and freshly-oiled leather drifts through the air, mixing pleasantly with the odor of the fresh pine shavings strewn about the floor. To the north can be seen a high pile of crates.
Obvious exits: north, south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Cloak Room]
Cloaks of all sizes and patterns hang from a variety of wooden stands which crowd the room like so many partygoers. The sawdust, judiciously spread through the rest of the tent, has been swept into a careful pile here, and a tattered cotton rug, faded and torn, covers the ground in its place. You also see a large oak barrel.
Obvious exits: east.

In the oak barrel
Item Price Done
soft anadem of violets and heavenblue wound together with stalks of lavender ?   No
embroidered leather backpack ?   No
dark canvas satchel clasped with a silver bear claw ?   No
white pouch spattered and streaked with rusty bloodstains ?   No
veined marble mortar carved into the shape of a large jadice flower ?   No

[Frog's Hall of Wonders, Long Hall]
A tall stack of crates stands to either side of the hallway, forcing traffic to squeeze between them to pass. Freshly oiled leather lends its heady scent to the pleasant smell of the pine shavings underfoot.
Obvious exits: north, south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Leather Armor Room]
The smooth aroma of new leather permeates this section of the tent. A long rack of fresh-hewn pine stands along the north wall, and upon it rests a variety of leather armor proudly displayed for purchase.
Obvious exits: east.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
Elothean shadow coat ?   No
Elven battle leathers ?   No
autumn gold leathers traced with a faint pattern of brown-veined oak leaves ?   
supple black snakeskin armor ?   No
hogskin leathers with tanned pig ears flapping from the outer seam of each leg ?   No
white doeskin leathers trimmed with tassled silver studs ?   No
light ivory hunting leathers imprinted with a pattern of fluttering butterflies ?   No
full leather armor tooled with a pattern of falling autumn leaves ?   No
supple hunting leathers trimmed with buckskin fringe down the length of both sleeves ?   No
supple hunting leathers with a line of wolf tails hanging from each sleeve ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
A potted shrub has been placed on each side of the hallway. The plants look a bit incongruous in their utilitarian surroundings, as though they might be spill-overs from other areas of the tent rather than a deliberate attempt to decorate this portion of the structure. Large pieces of metal glint in a dim light to the west.
Obvious exits: north, south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Chain Mail Room]
A large rack of rough-hewn cedar runs the length of the north wall, its scent mixing subtly with that of the pine shavings on the floor. Draped across the rack are a number of chain mail suits, each carefully laid to display the design linked into its chest.
Obvious exits: east.

On the armor rack
Item Price Done
flat black chain mail interlaced with links of burnished silver ?   No
deep red chain mail with the coal-black image of Katamba linked into the chest ?   No
silvery blue chain mail with the figure of a leaping dolphin linked across the chest ?   No
gleaming white chain mail with a bright silver sun linked into the chest ?   No
silvered chain mail with intertwining green snakes linked down each sleeve ?   No
chain mail made of interlocking bronze-plated links ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
The color of the leather walls changes from a dark sorrel brown to a faded beige at this point in the hallway. A number of crude patches have been sewn into the lighter walls, giving their already tattered surfaces an even greater appearance of age. A great wooden rack piled high with gleaming suits of armor tempts passers-by from a western room.
Obvious exits: north, south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Full Plate Room]
A huge rack of smoke-glazed oak looms in the center of the room, its sturdy timbers piled high with suits of plate mail. The sawdust underneath the rack is heaped more thickly than in the rest of the tent, most likely as a precaution against a chance fall of merchandise.
Obvious exits: east.

On the oak rack
Item Price Done
shiny full plate emblazoned across the chest with a bright white trumpet ?   No
gleaming silvered plate emblazoned over the chest with a bold sunburst ?   No
bright white plate mail emblazoned with dozens of tiny pink rosebuds ?   No
deep black full plate emblazoned across the chest with the image of a silver ruby-eyed shrike ?   No
suit of plate armor etched with delicate gold lines that form the shape of a leaping deer ?   No
suit of bright pink plate mail emblazoned with dozens of blushing white rosebuds ?   No
suit of blood-red plate mail etched across the chest with a giant golden eye ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
A series of crude stick figures and skewed geometric shapes have been painted on the walls of the tent. Although the drawings extend down both sides of the hallway, they do not appear more than two feet above the ground save where they go up and over an occasional piece of furniture sitting near the wall.
Obvious exits: north, south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Shield Room]
A lopsided oak rack, missing one leg and supported on its lame side by a crate a bit too tall for the purpose, has been placed squarely in the middle of this room. A panopoly of shields has been hung from a series of crude wooden pegs which jut from all sides of the rack.
Obvious exits: east.

On the oak rack
Item Price Done
light blue oval shield etched with a pattern of falling snowflakes ?   No
deep green tower shield with a large croaking frog emblazoned on it ?   No
forest green leather shield tooled along the rim with a pattern of intertwined maiden's tress vines ?   No
dented tower shield emblazoned with a badly faded image of the World Dragon ?   No
coal-black oval shield emblazoned in silver with a ruby-eyed cat ?   No
dark orange tower shield covered with small brown acorn-shaped studs ?   No
large round shield with a bushy wolf tail fastened at the center ?   No
gleaming pavise inlaid with a slender mother-of-pearl lily ?   No
polished tower shield inlaid with a silver-eyed onyx wolf ?   !!
crimson leather shield with thorny-stemmed rosebuds tooled around the edges ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
A long, jagged tear along the east wall of the tent has been carefully stitched shut with a heavy wool thread. The leather below the stitching is stained in long, dark streaks which run down to the floor, disappearing beneath the sawdust piled along the margins of the hallway.
Obvious exits: north, south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Weapons Hall]
Long racks of fresh-cut pine fill all four walls of this room. Neatly stacked along them are weapons of all shapes and sizes, their well-oiled blades gleaming faintly in the soft light. In one corner sits a tub of weapon oil and a pile of dirty rags.
Obvious exits: east.

On the pine rack
Item Price Done
gold dagger ?   No
snowflake obsidian atlatl ?   No
snowflake obsidian atlatl ?   No
ironwood quarterstaff ?   No
gold-edged weighted scimitar ?   No
longsword wrapped in shifting shadows ?   No
engraved razor-edged sabre ?   
weathered grey lunat staff topped with a life-like carved owl ?   No
heavy-hafted battle axe ?   No
silver-edged throwing dagger with a carved jet panther on the pommel ?   No
oiled mahogany crossbow with horn inlay and a polished amber boltplate ?   No
polished ashwood spear with a sharp bronze head tied with streaming scarlet ribbons ?   No
ash luirgean ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
Tiny drips of what looks like bright green paint trail across the sawdust on the floor of the hall, and meander through a small wooden arch to the west. Intermittant scrabbling noises punctuated by an occasional sharp squeak can be heard through the arch.
Obvious exits: north, south.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Curiosities Hall]
This corner of the tent appears to be little more than a garbage heap. A large mound of filthy sawdust stands in the center, and around it are spread bits of old food, bone shards, and other pieces of flotsam. In one corner stands an old bronze cistern, green with age and covered with a fine patina of dust.
Obvious exits: east.

In the bronze cistern
Item Price Done
smooth obsidian sphere ?   !!
smokey grey wool cloak embroidered with a faint pattern of cobwebs ?   No
tarnished brass hand mirror ?   No
decrepit hand ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Curiosities Hall]
The walls in this section of the tent have been pasted over by a rather childish drawing of the skies. A smiling Xibar and Yavash are depicted holding hands, while a scowling Katamba looks on from behind a long snake-like creature under which is painted 'wUrLd dRagun'. The stars, not a single one of them drawn with an even number of points, have been splashed across the canvas in a riot of colors more exotic than any jester's costume. You also see a table covered in black felt and a small wooden sign.
Obvious exits: east, west.

A small wooden sign reads:
In accordance with guild regulations, telescopes will only be sold to licensed members of any Moon Mage guild. 
Purchase or possession by non-affiliated persons will lead to arrest and confiscation of all contraband. 

On the felt-covered table
Item Price Done
bone telescope ?   No
rusted iron telescope ?   No
polished brass telescope ?   !!
simple wooden telescope ?   No
onyx telscope banded by rings of polished silver ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Curiosities Hall]
The walls of this room have been painted with a series of bright rainbows and happy-faced suns peeking from behind fluffy white clouds. The sawdust underfoot seems similarly decorated, if not as successfully - it has a slight greenish tint and looks as if someone had attempted to dye it before realizing the color would later darken into a shade vaguely resembling algae. You also see a pine toy box.
Obvious exits: east, west.

In the toy box
Item Price Done
green swirled ball ?   No
striped blue ball ?   No
bright red ball ?   No
small frog figurine ?   No
shiny yellow ball ?   No
ranger puppet ?   No
small cuddly Harawep doll ?   No
spotted purple ball ?   No
cleric puppet ?   No
moon mage puppet ?   No
trader puppet ?   !!
warrior mage puppet ?   !!

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Curiosities Hall]
The floor of this room is covered with a tattered rag rug, stained and burnt across most of its worn surface. In one corner sits a large wooden pen, near it a small crate with an oil lamp upon it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Inside the pen can be seen five stub-tailed creatures with small tufted ears and bright black eyes. Round in body and short in leg, they have something of the appearance of furry balls. A smoky grey marnet peers back at you through the bars and chitters in a sociable fashion.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Curiosities Hall]
A series of rickety oak bookcases have been erected in this room. They stand like so many elder trees, bent with age and looking ready to topple with the slightest push. A knotted mass of rope, more tangled than a troll-child's hair, has been wrapped tightly around the bookcases in an attempt to keep them from falling. You also see a small wooden arch.
Obvious exits: west.

In the oak bookcase
Item Price Done
heavy black grimoire ?   No
musty leather tome ?   No

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Long Hall]
A large wooden sign, seemingly dropped from the sky judging by its skewed resting angle against the east wall, stands guard at the end of the hallway. Painted upon it in large, childish scrawl are the words, "faNcy clothz heEr." You also see a pile of crates blocking further access to the north.
Obvious exits: south, west.

[Frog's Tent of Wonders, Formal Wear]
Beautifully pleated velvet tapestries hang from the roof, providing a look of elegance in stark contrast to the rest of the tent. A number of potted evergreens crowd each corner of the room, imparting a fresh pine fragrance to the air. Near the west wall stand a padded silk-covered counter and a silver clothing rack.
Obvious exits: east.

On the silk-covered counter
Item Price Done
dancing pigs pin ?   !!
peevish-faced butterfly barette ?   No
brass-trimmed silverwood chest ?   No
signet ring with a crest showing a rampant gryphon beneath three four-pointed stars ?   No
turquoise bracelet carved into the shape of five playful dolphins arcing nose-to-tail through the frothy waves ?   No
turquoise bracelet carved into the shape of five playful dolphins arcing nose-to-tail through the frothy waves ?   No
silver starfish locket ?   No
glossy black shark tooth suspended on a silver chain ?   No
hair brush with a carved wood handle ?   No
gem-studded platinum filigree brooch with an onyx border ?   No
smooth onyx band inlaid with golden wire gargoyle faces ?   No
wide platinum band inlaid with Gor'Tog petroglyphs ?   No
tapered gold hairpin in the shape of a dragonfly with iridescent mother-of-pearl wings ?   No
delicate gold locket ?   No
On the clothes rack
Item Price Done
pink silk gown with tiny rose-shaped buttons fastened down the front ?   No
sparkling green dress embroidered with a pattern of silk-stitched leaves ?   No
black velvet dress stitched along the hem with a web-like pattern of silver thread ?   No
red velvet gown trimmed with royal blue filigree at the cuffs and hem ?   No
blue silk gown with long flowing sleeves ?   No
delicate gossamer veil edged with gold seed beads and tiny sapphire drops ?   No
crimson silk scarf painted with a wild-eyed dancing sprite ?   No