Forbidden Knowledge

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Forbidden Knowledge
Festival Guildfest 401
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Spellbook shops, Magic shops, Necromancer shops
Restrictions Necromancer
This store only accepts Lirums

[Forbidden Knowledge, Entrance]
Clean walls crafted from thin marble slabs surround the wide room, an arching dome crafted from intricately carved stone rising high above. Despite the large room the air feels somewhat stuffy, and several bookshelves lining the walls make it feel much smaller than it is.
You also see a simple wooden door, a small alcove and a black marble arch partly obscured with silver fog.
Obvious exits: none.

[Forbidden Knowledge, Alcove]
Wares are set out underneath glowing gaethzen orbs, which are set in small lanterns hanging from the stone columns that make up this small alcove. Though the area looks like it was once very ornate, all but the faintest details have been scrubbed away, leaving small traces of gold leaf in random grooves.
You also see a narrow hallway, the main room, a sturdy socket rack with several things on it and a plain silverwillow table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the socket rack
Item Price Done
silver talon-shaped socket  ?   No
black diamond oval-shaped socket  ?   No
grey marble socket  ?   No
twisted witchclaw socket  ?   No
intricate filigree socket  ?   No
crystal socket  ?   No
onyx square-shaped socket  ?   No
polished hawk talon socket  ?   No
withered skeletal claw socket  ?   No
platinum dragon's claw socket  ?   
On the silverwillow table
Item Price Done
hafaltu-veined kuldaez crystal  ?   
ice blue kuldaez crystal  ?   
golden kuldaez crystal  ?   
flame red kuldaez crystal  ?   

[Forbidden Knowledge, Narrow Hallway]
Wares are set out beneath burning torches, which are set in iron sconces hanging from the shale stone walls that make up this narrow hallway. The low ceiling is rather oppressive, sloping sharply downward to nearly meet the hall's dead end. In one corner, a few bones lay scattered on the ground, discarded and broken.
You also see a simple wooden desk with a few things on it, a narrow shelf with several things on it, an elegant silverwillow table with several things on it, an ornate wrought iron rack with several things on it, a narrow doorway and a small alcove.
Obvious exits: none.

On the silverwillow table
Item Price Done
gleaming obsidian wolf bloodlock  ?   No
amethyst jadice flower bloodlock  ?   No
ruby-eyed platinum dragon bloodlock  ?   No
serpentine emerald viper bloodlock  ?   
palescent triple moon bloodlock  ?   No
On the ornate wrought iron rack
Item Price Done
milky blue moonstone-inset spellbook lock  ?   No
onyx-studded iron spellbook lock  ?   No
ruby-ensconced malachite spellbook lock  ?   No
icy blue sapphire-studded spellbook lock  ?   
smooth obsidian spellbook lock  ?   No
heavy blued-steel spellbook lock  ?   No
emerald-encrusted platinum spellbook lock  ?   No
pale silver spellbook lock  ?   No
ornate gold spellbook lock  ?   No

[Forbidden Knowledge, Back Room]
Despite what appears to be frequent cleanings, this area is somewhat dusty, as if it doesn't get much use. A lone table in the center of the room is set up with wares, illuminated by light from a stained glass window shining down upon it. In one corner a spider spins a fresh web, working diligently at its task.
You also see a varnished mahogany table with several things on it, a polished silverwillow shelf with several things on it and a narrow doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

On the varnished mahogany table
Item Price Done
desiccated skeletal claws  ?   No
tiny bleached rat skulls  ?   No
opalescent seashells  ?   No
glistening shark teeth  ?   No
razor arzumos fangs  ?   No
glistening viper fangs  ?   
petrified seordmaor eyes  ?   No
petrified wolf spider eyes  ?   No
small glass pebbles  ?   No
tiny multi-hued pebbles  ?   No
Adan'f warrior tail barbs  ?   No
withered toad warts  ?   No
multi-hued serpent scales  ?   No
petrified scarab beetles  ?   No
glassy black obsidian arrowheads  ?   No
chipped arbelog claws  ?   No
amber-encased moruryn stingers  ?   No
tiny basalt misericordes  ?   No
On the polished silverwillow shelf
Item Price Done
pale green jade spellbook case  ?   No
pale alabaster spellbook case draped with carved emerald morah vines  ?   No
desiccated ur hhrki'izh bone spellbook case festooned with shamanic clusters of feathers  ?   No
icy-blue satinwood spellbook case inset with diamond-cut sapphires  ?   No
flame-red rosewood spellbook case inset with swirling rubies  ?   No
lustrous ebony spellbook case inset with silvery crystal stars  ?   
plain white spellbook case  ?   No
blue-quartz bound ironwood spellbook case  ?   No
large spellbook case crafted from oiled leather  ?   No

[A Dimly Lit Room]
Churning black mist swirls with silver fog and hangs thick in this circular chamber, holding an eerie and hate-filled, yet passive and distant malevolence. Everything is heavily obscured except an ethereal red orb tinged with faint hints of green, set in the exact center of a circle of glowing runes carved into the marble floor.
You also see a dark sign.
Obvious exits: out.

The sign reads:

        |                                                            |
        |               o/ Custom Spellbook Creation \o              |
        |               -------------------------------              |
        |                                                            |
        |   To create your own spellbook, you must manipulate the    |
        |   ethereal orb various ways.  Your creation can be viewed  |
        |   within its depths as you progress.  Utilize the actions  |
        |   listed below to manipulate the orb's vision of your      |
        |   spellbook.                                               |
        |                                                            |
        |  TOUCH -- Changes the cover style of the spellbook.        |
        |   TURN -- Changes the cover writing style.                 |
        |   POKE -- Changes the spellbook's title.                   |
        |    RUB -- Changes the style of pages filling the book.     |
        |    TAP -- Changes the style of writing on the pages.       |
        |                                                            |
        |  Spellbooks cost a base of 350000 Lirums.  Each choice     |
        |  you make may affect the price of the final product.       |
        |  LOOK at the orb to view the various selections you have   |
        |  made, as well as the current price of your creation.      |
        |                                                            |
        |  When you are satisfied with your creation: BUY SPELLBOOK  |
        |                                                            |
        |  NOTE: Spellbooks will be bonded to the person who buys    |
        |  them!  DO NOT purchase a custom spellbook for anyone      |
        |  but yourself!                                             |
        |                                                            |
        |  WARNING: Spellbooks may be damaged if stored improperly.  |
        |  You may wish to purchase a spellbook case or a chain to   |
        |  allow you to wear your spellbook before you actually make |
        |  your purchase.  To purchase these items, return to the    |
        |  entryway of the shop.  The orb will lead you from there!  |
        |                                                            |