Food Bazaar

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Food Bazaar
Event Theren Festival 1
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Fairegrounds Meadow, Food Bazaar]
Smoke rises from the firepit and licks at the soot-stained green and red canopy overhead. Upon the blackened grill is a selection of roasting meats and sausages. Waves of heat flow from a brick oven next to the pit, the scent of soothing spices mingling with the aroma of the succulent roasts. Along the west side of the enclosure, a trestle table holds an assortment of tasty treats. Several large barrels stand behind a long makeshift bar, upon which sits various refreshments. You also see and a small fruit cart with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the blackened grill
Item Price Done
apple and bear sausages 60   No
halved honey-roasted chicken 52   No
ear of roasted corn 30   No
leg of turkey 45   No
onion and inkhorne sausage 74   No
sage-seasoned boar sausage 78   No
grilled pig trotter 20   No
grilled sheep's tongue 25   No
roasted haggis 50   No
garlicky roast rabbit 75   No
whole roasted quail 90   No
roasted grouse 85   No
roasted yam 7   No
roasted turnip 5   No
roasted rutabaga 8   No
roasted parsnip 10   No
In the brick oven
Item Price Done
pigeon pie 65   No
On the trestle table
Item Price Done
batter-dipped Kaldar breakfast egg 74   No
cinnamon sugar biscuits 19   No
shortbread cookies 20   No
brown soda scone 15   No
burnt cream cake 13   No
gingerbread cake 21   No
Jeladric cake 80   No
caramel pecan tart 15   
red currant tart 15   No
lemon and blueberry tart 14   No
apple and walnut tart 16   No
strawberry custard tart 12   No
rum raisin tart 18   No
dark molasses tart 250   
On the makeshift bar
Item Price Done
a flagon of Dwarven rotgut 30   No
a bottle of spiced rum 25   DG
a glass of sweetened lemonade 9   No
some sparkling spring water 5   No
a snifter of Elven brandy 30   
a flagon of Elothean elixir 35   No
a shot of blackmarrow whiskey 30   No
some Halfling taffelberry mead 18   No
a bottle of golden summer lager 20   No
a glass of beetroot wine 25   No
a goblet of elderflower wine 30   No
a glass of gooseberry cordial 10   No
a flagon of winter-apple bitters 15   No
On the small fruit cart
Item Price Done
firm red apple 5   
bunch of moist green grapes 4   
large orange carrot 3   
sweet purple plum 3   DG
plump juicy peach 1   
ripe yellow pear 3   
fresh stalk of celery 2   No
crisp white radish 1   No
sweet red strawberries 5   No