Focus on the Past (3)

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Focus on the Past
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Magic shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

[Focus on the Past, Relic Room]
Several soil-stained packing crates stacked along the back encroach towards the interior at random intervals, detracting from the otherwise orderly desk where recent finds are cataloged. Various shelves and bookcases occupy much of the remaining space, holding artifacts marked and tagged from previous expeditions. A slight mustiness lingers in the air, infusing the room with the dampness imagined held within the tomb or temple where these artifacts originated.
You also see a simple rustic doorway.
Obvious exits: none.

packing crate
Item Price Done
tiny clay pig with a squiggly tail 1,125,000   
raggedy leather hex bag with a spidersilk strap 1,187,500   
twisted homunculus carved out of khor'vela 1,187,500   
shriveled heart floating in a jar of shimmery liquid 1,062,500   
A dirty note reads:
"Life Foci."

ebony bookcase
Item Price Done
desiccated black rabbit's foot 1,062,500   
incurvated blood ruby comet hung from a loimic chain 1,250,000   
stylized starburst exploding outwards from a crystalline tessera 1,187,500   
small hand mirror of polished aldamdin 1,625,000   
A scrap of dusty parchment reads:
"Lunar Foci."

mahogany desk
Item Price Done
palm-sized gold phoenix with wings carved out of fire opals 1,312,500   
articulated finger claw tipped with anloral 1,187,500   
gloamstone prayer beads tethered to a frayed piece of silk 1,250,000   
spiraled cane of white silver mounted with a grisly shrunken head 1,062,500   
An open logbook reads:
"Holy Foci."

mahogany shelves
Item Price Done
cluster of windsteel bells scribed with cryptic symbols 1,312,500   
songsilk choker dangling a polished demisemiquaver note 1,375,000   
white porcelain statuette of a lithe dancer 1,062,500   
jagged lightning bolt cast out of audrualm 2,000,000   
A sheet of paper reads:
"Elemental Foci."