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{{Store At A Glance
|Store Name      = Focus on the Past
|NumRooms        = 1
|Owner            = -
|Store Type      = Magic
|restrict        = Estate Holder
|Fest            = Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421
|Coin            = Dokoras
There have been multiple incarnations of the store '''Focus on the Past''':
|roomname=Focus on the Past, Relic Room
|desc=Several soil-stained packing crates stacked along the back encroach towards the interior at random intervals, detracting from the otherwise orderly desk where recent finds are cataloged.  Various shelves and bookcases occupy much of the remaining space, holding artifacts marked and tagged from previous expeditions.  A slight mustiness lingers in the air, infusing the room with the dampness imagined held within the tomb or temple where these artifacts originated.<br>
You also see a simple rustic doorway.<br>
Obvious exits: none.
{{ShopHeader|title=On the mahogany shelves}}
*[[Focus on the Past (1)]]: [[Hollow Eve Festival 417]]
{{ShopItem|t=i| unrefined clay figure scored with tattoos |721,600 }}
*[[Focus on the Past (2)]]: [[Hollow Eve Festival 421]]
{{ShopItem|t=i| coil of silver engraved with angular sigils |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| tiny gold disc detailed with dancers in silhouette |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| pewter goblet embellished with semiprecious stones |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| terracotta oil lamp incised with geometric patterns |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| umber leather cat-o-nine tails with charred tips |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| brightly painted wooden mask |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| smoke gray velvet gris-gris bag adorned with fur |721,600 }}
{{ShopFootnote|A sheet of paper reads:<br />"Elemental Foci."}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On the plain mahogany desk}}
{{ShopItem|t=i| brooch of knotted brass accented with malachite and rose quartz |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| fine necklace of golden discs interspersed between lapis lazuli shapes |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| black walnut bird totem festooned with shells |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| cold-forged hammer charm fabricated from blackened steel |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| dusty leather explorer's hat with a wide brim |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| small priestess statue carved from blue-veined marble |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| wooden toy soldier holding an abnormally large shield |721,600 }}
{{ShopFootnote|An open logbook reads:<br />"Holy Foci."}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On the ebony bookcase}}
{{ShopItem|t=i| cylindrical seal stamp |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| tarnished silver coin charm detailed with a man in profile |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| yellowed map with crumpled edges |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| quartz crystal rod ornamented with silver and amethyst |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| polished bone bowl painted with a black fish design |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| moonstone-beaded watered steel abacus etched with complex sigils |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| copper dodecahedron with raised edges terminating in tiny globes |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| beaten copper figure holding a telescope aloft |721,600 }}
{{ShopFootnote|Scrawled on the dusty parchment is a brief note indicating these items are for lunar magic.}}
{{ShopHeader|title=On the packing crate}}
{{ShopItem|t=i| obsidian-tipped arrow with a broken shaft |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| long bone wrapped in cloth and sinew |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| banded fluorite pendulum suspended on a silver chain |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| small bronze compass etched with a series of circular sigils |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| fertility goddess statue sculpted from dark green jade |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| bloodstone egg ornamented with gold |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| small dented excavation shovel with a rusted grip |721,600 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i| flat rosewood effigy pipe ornamented by a small plump animal |721,600 }}
{{ShopFootnote|A dirty note reads:<br />"Life Foci."}}

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There have been multiple incarnations of the store Focus on the Past: