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Firesilk gets its name from the vivid red-orange threads used in the warp of the loom. Each movement of the fabric brings out shifting shades of red that resemble flames flickering against the dominant color of the fabric. The material is always cut on the bias to emphasize the changing colors. The fabric is typically described as follows:

Red silk threads are used in the warp of the fabric, making the item appear to shimmer with red fire as the light catches it.

That description (or something that captures the same spirit) must be used in the look of an item with firesilk.

Firesilk should be used as a full fabric and not threads for embroidery.

ItemSource isRare item
Agonite plate gauntlets lined with firesilk paddingDroughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 433/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 437/Incidental loottrue
Amber firesilk robes clasped at the neck by an enameled pinJhanine Dering Cloaks (2)Jhanine Dering Cloaks (3)true
Amber firesilk shoulder satchel adorned with a gleaming fire opalAlbarian Importstrue
Amber firesilk sochi fastened with a fire opal pendantAlbarian Importstrue
Antique gold firesilk corset with a sawtooth hemFallen Angels Clothing (2)true
Beige cow clad in a blue firesilk vest and matching harem pantsBitty Bovinestrue
Belted doeskin baldric tooled with a flame wreathed black dragontrue
Black cavalier hat with a wide firesilk band holding multiple plumesDragon Dreams (2)true
Black crepe gown with firesilk sleevesDragon Dreams (2)true
Blazing yellow firesilk garter intricately beaded with ruby flamesGalleria of Garters (2)true
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