Feast of Eluned 2

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See Feast of Eluned for general information about the festival.


A festival run in 2006.

Merelew Island II Deluxe Ticket Features

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By purchasing one of the limited Deluxe Tickets, you are entitled to all the standard events during the Merelew's stay AND MORE.

Deluxe Ticket Disclaimers

  • Due to scheduling and time constraints, we can not guarantee that a Deluxe Ticket Holder will have the opportunity to attend the Private Auction or any other specific Event.
  • Ticket holders who are unhappy with their auction prize may exchange their prize for one of 10 consolation prizes.
  • Every Deluxe Ticket Holder who participates WILL find buried treasure during the event. Attendees who do not take advantage of this opportunity will not be refunded or compensated. If you don't look, you won't find anything.
  • We cannot guarantee that any Deluxe Ticket Holder will find or win any specific item(s).
  • Some restrictions, requirements or additional fees associated with certain prizes will apply to the winner. Ticket Holders will not be granted refunds or exchanges based on these restrictions. (Example: If you win a boat, you're responsible for the upkeep fees!)

A Special Gift!

Every Dexlue Ticket Holder will receive a special commemorative gift! No two will be the same!

      • You may be eligible to receive a gift! Each account may only receive one gift. If you wish this character to receive the gift, then HUG someone within the next 30 seconds. ***

A faint glow appears just overhead, then enfolds you in a soft warmth. Before you can blink, the glow dissipates, leaving you with a feeling of general well-being. Seconds later, you notice something new: a silver egg attached to your clothing.

Access to EXCLUSIVE Merchants!

Attendees who purchase a Deluxe Ticket will have access to special "back rooms" that have exotic or limited-quantity items! In addition, there will also be merchants in attendance who will only open their doors for Deluxe Ticket Holders!

More Buried Treasure!

Everyone will find something, but Deluxe Ticket Holders will have access to the areas where the pirates are rumored to have buried their extra special loot! Legend has it that these items include large caches of coins and gems, rare weapons and armor, and more!

Special Private Events, Including an Exclusive Token Auction!

Attend the private Token auction where money is no object! Use your Token to bid on an item you want. Once the tokens are in the bag, we draw a winner! The remaining tokens go back to their owners who now have another chance to win! The Merelew have stated that there will be plenty of items to go around, so ALL Deluxe Ticket holders are guaranteed to win something at the Private Token Auction!

These DELUXE tickets are LIMITED and are selling out FAST, so DON'T DELAY!


See Category:Feast of Eluned 2 Shops.