Farhana's Exquisites (1)

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Farhana's Exquisites
Festival 9/11 Merchants
Owner Farhana
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Farhana's Exquisites, Sales Room]
Arched walls are hung with ivory gauze layered over pale rose silk, softening the light of the room and rippling with every breeze. Tall seagrass baskets filled with honeysuckle blossoms and curls of sandalwood and cinnamon bark are tucked in the corners, lending a light and spicy fragrance to the air. Big cushions covered with raw silk and edged with tiny golden bells are scattered near the merchandise racks, inviting shoppers to linger and choose. You also see a beaten brass table with some stuff on it, a mahogany rack with some stuff on it, a tent flap leading out, a satinwood stand with some stuff on it, a sandalwood rack with some stuff on it, some rosewood shelves with some stuff on it, and a teak rack with some stuff it.

a beaten brass table
Item Price Done
saffron yellow silk tshoga trimmed with rosettes of gold threadwork edged in copper 9,811   No
white velvet tshoga lined with azure brocade and edged with a narrow band of ebony silk embroidery 9,010   No
peach velvet tshoga lined with yellow silk and closed with plaited satin cords 11,174   No
deep rose velvet tshoga embroidered with flourishes of tiny jasmine blossoms in pale ivory silk 9,001   
pale green silk tshoga seamed in narrow gold satin ribbons and lined with ivory brocade 7,206   
a mahogany rack
Item Price Done
deep grey silk kamis with silver buttons and a moon-and-sun design worked in heavy copper and silver thread 7,122   No
finely pleated silk kamis with a red on red design of flying dragons and a rich blue lining 8,190   No
black silk kamis with ornate violet and silver scaled embroidery at throat and cuffs 17,116   No
citron yellow patterned silk kamis with a woven roundel design of dragons encircling lotus blossoms 8,088   
peach gauze kamis with gold-washed buttons and embroidered with a pale silk dragon and chain motif 7,222   No
midnight blue cut velvet kamis bordered with white satin ribbon and black silk fretwork embroidery 8,819   No
a satinwood stand
Item Price Done
chocolate-brown velvet khandur with elaborate ivory beadwork and knotted ecru fringe 44,972   !!
pure white velvet khandur edged in blue silk stitchery on black silk ribbon 44,174   !!
pale jade velvet khandur trimmed with ornately knotted silk tassels in bright rose and gold 39,473   No
scarlet brocade khandur hemmed with a wide band of white silk embroidered with hummingbirds 42,847   !!
fine white linen front-gathered khandur edged with a narrow woven silk band of green and gold 39,473   No
deep black linen khandur with a high side-buttoned collar and seams of silver figured silk 39,473   No
a sandalwood rack
Item Price Done
pair of flowing pale ivory silk haussa seamed with satiny deep rose chain-stitching 5,139   No
pair of flowing silver gauze haussa trimmed with tiny pale blue glass beads and hemmed with silver satin ribbon 8,107   
pair of flowing saffron muslin haussa hemmed with a band of golden silk mesh 8,809   No
pair of graceful black silk gauze haussa seamed with narrow scarlet and gold twined cord 7,005   
pair of pale green silk haussa patterned with ivory rosebuds and trimmed with rose-hued glass beads 6,131   No
some rosewood shelves
Item Price Done
dark green brocade djebba with elaborate copper-threaded trim 7,935   No
thick felt crimson djebba trimmed with ebony silk figured braid 7,121   No
brass-clasped black silk djebba edged with wide bands of gold brocade 4,868   No
djebba of soft double-folded white cotton seamed with wide bands of ebony-embroidered crimson linen 6,110   No
djebba of heavy brown wool trimmed with woven gold cord and amber beads 5,280   No
a teak rack
Item Price Done
graceful black gauze farasah edged with golden silk chain-stitching and belted in scarlet linen 8,104   No
translucent white muslin farasah with a belt of entwined rose and silver velvet ribbons 4,515   
sky blue muslin farasah edged with white silk butterflies and belted with braided silver cord 4,127   
pale yellow gauze farasah belted with a narrow amber-studded gold silk cord 7,085   No
sweeping deep rose silk farasah with a woven gold mesh belt 7,204   No