Faded Blue Canvas Tent

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A Faded Blue Canvas Tent
Event Theren Festival 1
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Magic shops, Container shops, Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[A Faded Blue Canvas Tent]
The illumination in the tent is very dim, depending only on small oil lamps that seem to put off more smoke than light. A rancid smell wafts up from partially tanned hides stacked in one corner of the small pavilion. Dark images have been roughly painted on the canvas walls. You also see the tent flap, a wicker basket, a scarred table with some stuff on it and a green stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
wax chunk 1,300   !!
On the scarred table
Item Price Done
raven claw amulet - 15 uses Uncurse 8,442   No
black oak amulet carved in the shape of a wolf - 15 uses Uncurse 8,635   !!
feather amulet - 15 uses Uncurse 7,811   !!
On the green stand
Item Price Done
ruby-tipped silver needle 280   No
silver needle 100   
leucro hide pouch 1,115   
la'tami hide pouch 1,215   
azure-scaled hide pouch 1,015   

[A Faded Blue Canvas Tent]
The rancid smell is overpowering here, seeming to pour almost visibly from a pile of half-rotten hides stacked nearby. Small oil lamps hung from the tent posts barely illuminate the interior. You also see a black case with some stuff on it and a brass stand with an ivory-hilted knife on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the black case
Item Price Done
A note reads:
WARNING: The mysanda is a magical device that drains a practitioner's personal energies. This can cause the loss of spells that require one's mana to maintain a certain level. The Therengia Merchant Guild takes no responsibility for any loss acquired by the use of this device.
gath mysanda 97,855   DG
On the brass stand
Item Price Done
ivory-hilted knife 5,895   No