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Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Throne City (Ranik Map 35)

Alley Thug Leader Fade

  • Fade is the leader of the Alley Thugs in Throne City. He resides at the top of the colosseum ruins on a throne that reads "King Fade's Throne."


Betraying his sense of warped dignity, Fade sits upon a massive block of stone, poorly painted with the haphazard words, 'King Fade's Throne.' A tattered cloak of discolored purple and gold is draped along the back of the seat, perhaps to make the unforgiving surface that much less uncomfortable. Numerous pouches and belt bags hang from Fade's waist, the pommels of throwing daggers sticking out of many.

Speech Responses

>ask Fade about Fade
Fade smirks and says, "Heck, kid. You know what I am, well as you know yourself." He winks.

>ask Fade about angiswaerd (or husk)
Fade pauses, gazing sadly at a stack of dried husks in the corner. He turns to you and quietly says, "Yeah, those angiswaerd did a number on some of my boys recently. Why, I'd owe someone big if they proved they killed just one of those things! It'd be one less for me and the boys to worry with."

>ask Fade about thug
Fade jabs his thumb at one of the open windows. "My boys own this town, whether them Moon Mages realize it or not. We don't care for them angiswaerd anymore than you, but don't think we're friends. You're safe from the boys if yer in this room with me, but all bets are off if you wander off."

>ask Fade about thief/thieves
Fade says nothing but subtly winks at you.

>ask Fade about (anything else)
Fade squints at you, saying, "Don't have a clue." He leans back and scratches his head.

Room Description

[Colosseum Ruins, Upper Tier]
Wide openings in the walls of the colosseum were once passages and solid stone, through which spectators hurried to now vanished seating areas. Now, these shattered windows reveal the grandest urban schemes and designs of the Seven Races lie in ruins to the south, having crumbled and fallen to the ravages of time. Northward, the structures are by far more dignified and repaired. You also see a stack of dried husks and the alley thug leader Fade.


Throne City Colosseum: Map 35