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Escaping skill has been removed in DR 3.0 because it was too narrowly-defined to be expanded into a useful, widely trainable skill. Most of the skill checks that used to use escaping (notably, webs) will now use Athletics. Some (like escaping from the guards) will use Thievery.

Areas that you can learn Escaping (now Athletics) in (does not include critter webs/nets)
Muck Area Location Bottom Cap Top Cap Notes
Northwall Trail Crossing unknown unknown
Hunting Preserve Farmhouse Near Crossing 0 35
volcanic mud NTR near Dirge 0 >35
Spider Web near Leth STR North of Leth 0 unknown
Harawep's Altar Shard Dark Temple unknown unknown possibly still set as old Leth web mechs and so won't teach
Cave Troll lair Ain Ghazal unknown unknown
Leth Manor Graves Oshu'ehhrsk Manor Grounds unknown ~75
Behind Corik's Wall Lost Grounds unknown unknown
Old Crank's Road Path to Ilaya Taipa from Leth unknown unknown be wary of small red blood mites in the mud
Eidolon Steeds area Darkling Wood unknown unknown
spiderwebs in Dusk Ogre tunnels Out the Riverhaven West Gate unknown 30
spiderwebs in breech tunnels Theren Keep Dungeons unknown 30
Undercrossing Pile Beneath the Crossing Moon Mage Guild unknown unknown
Cypress Vines M'Riss unknown unknown
Black Ape area Paasvadh Forest unknown unknown teaching without being able to move rooms at 60
Togball Field mud Boar Clan unknown unknown appears that you need to be wet to get stuck
Spotted Kashika Serpent area Fang Cove unknown >140 Can be learned by moving between rooms or by dancing in a room

Critters that use attacks that teach Escaping
Muck Area Location Bottom Cap Top Cap Notes
Unyn webs Road to Theren unknown unknown
Angiswaerd belly Throne City unknown unknown stomach acids will dissolve armor and eventually kill you if you don't succeed
Armadillo webs Dunes of Dispair unknown unknown
Velakan Slaver nets Velaka Desert unknown unknown
Kartais webs Oshu'ehhrsk Manor unknown >250
FLEE command any hunting area 0 2000? gets you out of combat when overwhelmed

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