Elven gardener

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Elven gardener
Status: Alive
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Location: Leth Deriel (Ranik Map 61)


The gardener is an elderly Elf with a gaunt, weathered, leathery face who nevertheless manages to radiate a sense of inner satisfaction. He is dressed in black overalls and is wearing hob nailed boots. With a rake in one hand and a sack slung over his shoulder, he appears to be intent on reaching his destination as quickly as possible, wherever that may be.


  • The Elven gardener turns a dark shade of purple. "You!" he bellows and leaps forward in an attempt to collar two young Elven children. The two within his grasp, he somehow manages to fall, and they skip off with yet another tale to tell their friends. Before getting up and dusting himself off, he shouts at them, "If I catch you stealing fruit from my orchards again..."
  • The Elven gardener frowns at you and then shouts, "Hey! You're the one who stole my rake! Stop right there! I'm going to fetch the constable." You point to his right hand and he glances down, blinks and notices the rake. "Oh, I, er, umm, there it is."
  • The Elven gardener looks around cautiously, sidles up to you and whispers in low conspiratorial tones, "Never, ever, trust an oak tree! I did once and I lived to regret it."
  • The Elven gardener comes to a complete stop, sniffs once and then twice in rapid succession. "You know, I haven't smelt manure like that for years!" Satisfaction clearly etched on his face, he continues his duties.
  • The Elven gardener stops for an instant and sighs. As he stretches his body, you hear various popping noises that cause you to glance quickly in his direction. Noting your concern, he winks and says, "Just wait until you get old!"
  • Pausing from his work and leaning on his rake, the Elven gardener leans forward and says, "You should make a point of visiting the herbalist in town. Some of his best concoctions are made with herbs grown in my very own garden."