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An Elothean themed events that is planned to occur in Shard from April 27th to April 28th.

Official Description

Come celebrate with the Elothean Houses as they host the first Elothean Culture Faire in Shard. The two day event will include the opening of a few Elothean-themed shops, several House member appearances and maybe an alterer or two!


The shops are located in the New South Bridge area of Shard.


Entrance Shop Inventory Restrictions Shop
205 desert-hued caravan Turialo's Haven Gem-holding statues, S'Kra Mur/desert-themed clothing and jewelry, and gweth-hiding items Y Y
205 creamy peach silk tent The Silk Lotus tunics, robes, wraps/shawls Y Y
206 silk-draped cart Hilabete's Delicious Predictions fortune cookies -- (note, cart appears to move and is only out during the daytime) Y N
206 tin-roofed wooden caravan Fallen Angels Clothing women's clothing, jewelry, and bindis Y Y
207 billowing silk tent with an elegant green and gold banner Necessities In Silk hairsticks/combs, Elothean-fitted circlets and robes, House-themed sashes, and other clothing and jewelry R N

Instructions for Editing Shop Table

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

  • Entrance: The leading article (a, an, or the) is omitted. The adjective and noun that are used to enter the room are in bold. For example, "copper arched doorway shaped into twisting branches", because GO ARCHED DOORWAY is the command to enter.
  • Shop Names: The display name should be the name of the shop exactly as it appears in the game. If the shop has more than one version, please link to this year's version. If the shop is new or containers new inventory, put it in bold.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • R: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked. Ideally, this would mean that there is complete information for every item (look, appraisal, etc.), but it's OK to check this as long as there are no red-linked items.

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