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Olwydd.org Circle Calculators
Olwydd.org has circle calculators for all guilds. Visit the site for more info.



  • Genie Frontend - Game client for DragonRealms with support for Gemstone IV, Modus Operandi, and Alliance of Heros. Supports basic SF/Wizard scripts, with many, many Genie-only enhancements. The current release now includes auto-mapping functionality.
  • Warlock - The only cross platform front end. Compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac. Supports basic SF/Wizard scripts, which can be enhanced by Warlock Scripting Languages extensions. Best of all it's open source and free!
  • ZMud - #1-rated third-party client for Windows PCs for more than 10 years, no longer in active development
  • CMud - modernized replacement for ZMud, developed to be compatible with Windows XP and Vista (older OSes are unofficially supported, and CMud may or may not work properly on them)
  • YASSE - Open Source, Macintosh-based scripting engine intended for use with Dragonrealms. Features of note include empath-specific wound transfer window and auto-mapper.
  • Outlander - Open Source, Mac game client with the goal of matching Genie's features as a native Mac client. Development is currently in Alpha.