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Edenlaen Farrenlaore
Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Location: Unknown

Edenlaen Farrenlaore is one of the Khalo rae Aev for the Empath Guild and formerly a member of Ferdahl Kukalakai's court. She is K'Xonei's most important subordinate. She is daughter to the Shard empath, Lady Atladene, and niece to Gaumedies.

Edenlaen first rose to notice during the Sorrow War, specifically during Elpalzi occupation of Riverhaven. While some of the stories of her heroics were exaggerated to tease her in front of family, it should be noted that she was instrumental in rescuing many of our wounded and fallen who were trapped behind enemy lines. Her efforts gave the adventurers hope to continue during some of the most discouraging and frustrating points in the fighting.

Edenlaen was linked romantically to Ambassador Seihjin Verackai, Ambassador from Zoluren to Shard.

She had been assigned to contact Natheyl on behalf of Kukalakai. Edenlaen was captured (3 May 2003) by Jomay, Grishnok, and Ealuik and held for ransom during the Outcast War. She was subsequently released (11 May 2003) after negotiations.


You see Kaith Partani Edenlaen Farrenlaore, an Elven Empath.
She has warm sea green eyes that twinkle with mischief and skin that has been tanned by many days under a warm sun. Thick waves of dark auburn hair fall down to her knees, caught up with a delicate silver clasp in the shape of a dove in flight. The only mark of age upon her is a curious streak of pure white hair that has been braided into a single slender lock that falls to one side of her face.
She is mature for an Elf.

She has a constant twitching in the chest area.

She is holding a mug of spring wheat beer in her left hand. She is wearing a scallop-edged chain balaclava, some silvery steel gauntlets with decorative cutwork cuffs, an intricately embroidered black spidersilk backpack shot through with gold and silver satin threads, a pair of grey suede thigh boots embroidered with white doves down the outer seams, a pair of pearl earrings, some antique elven chain, a dark grey spidersilk garter festooned with seed pearls and black satin ribbons, a twisted cambrinth armband, a deep ebony spidersilk cloak richly embroidered with silvery threads and set with tiny pearls, a deep ebony leather sheath, a large grey spidersilk weapons harness woven with jet black threads, a jadeite gwethdesuan and a kyanite gwethdesuan.

A description of the negotiations involved in Edenlaen's ransom, 17 May 2003, author unknown

Summary of what I know so far...

The Ferdahl was willing to trade the fortress for Edenlaen because Illithi or Shard does not presently own the rights to the fortress, so it was a freebie to trade it for Eden. Now, after the successful trade and up to a few days ago, all had gone well. Later, this is the part that I and others would like the update on, Grishnok killed Yone-something and Jomay and Grishnok were killed resulting in the death of four hostages. Since then there has been mostly bickering amongst ourselves with odd associates such as Jourok and Velmix aiding Grishnok and Jomay.

No one has asked for a log, but some of us who were around at that time have no clue as to what insigated the attacks on the players and the deaths of the hostages. As for now we have no medium in game for sharing gossip or rumors, and to me that is what the boards are for: the gathering of information. What I am seeing is the same hoarding of information that is disliked by so many players who dont have the time or resources to follow the entire event. The only other thing that irritates me as much as those keeping secrets, are the people who start talkin in Elothean as soon as a GMNPC is listening to the gweth. Is it really that difficult to share information or are you just afraid someone else wont roleplay the way you want them to during 'your' event?