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To learn about how to dye items, visit the Artistry page.

Vials of dye can be COMBINEd into quantities of up to 100 uses.


Similar to the quality value on other crafting materials, dyes can have a range of purity that will affect the ease with which one can successfully dye an item. To determine the dye purity on a dye, LOOK at it. You will see something similar to "The dye appears to be pure."

note: Dye can not be ANALYZED and there is no additional information currently found when you APPRAISE CAREFUL, so more research is needed on the correct numerical quality values of dye purity.
Dye Purity Quality Value
very potent

Sources & Variations

Guildfest: Osgeth's
Hollow Eve: Task Rewards
Bacon Man's Birthday Bash 419: Item:Muddied_colorful_sack

ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Alabaster dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Amaranth dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Amber dyeHollow Eve Task RewardsOsgeth's (4)true
Amethyst dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Apple dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Apricot dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Aqua dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Aquamarine dyeDarkbox 420 PrizesHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Auburn dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
Azure dyeHollow Eve Task Rewardstrue
... further results

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