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Dumi Sh'aar
Status: Alive
Race: S'kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Sh'aar's Trove
Type: shopowner

Pawnbroker in the Enclave.


[The Enclave, Sh'aar's Trove]
Mismatched paintings cover the walls, while long shelves bolted between them hold a medley of questionable treasures, presided over by the pawnbroker Dumi Sh'aar. Engraved boxes compete for space with musical instruments, tools, books, and other oddments. A glass-topped counter in front of the room holds an assortment of trinkets and jewelry -- some tawdry, some so regal in design that distant journeys must have brought them to this place. You also see a heavy wooden door.
Obvious exits: none.


You see Dumi Sh'aar, a S'kra Mur of indeterminate age. His sable brown scales are lightly oiled and his clawed fingers adorned with jet-inlaid rings. His dark cotton robes, fashioned in the traditional style of his people, are trimmed with a wide band of russet embroidery in a simple geometric pattern and cinched at the waist with a woven leather belt bearing a sheathed blade. His rather expressionless gold eyes flick around the room as he evaluates each customer before tersely hissing the price he will offer for their items. Clearly not one to barter, he shrugs and turns away at any sign of reluctance to accept his terms.

Conversation Topics

>ask dumi about baron
Dumi smiles slightly and says, "The Baron must always take hisss percentage, yesss? Whether that be in gold or in blood is alwaysss the question."