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The drawknife is a crafting tool used in the Engineering disciplines of Shaping and Tinkering.


Drawknives can be created using forging techniques that fall under the Blacksmithing discipline.


Their repair falls under standard process for metal tool repair.


This crafting tool derives its potency from the material's hardness.

  Durability Cap* Speed Cap*
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
short <metal> drawknife 3 - easy 5 x density
long <metal> drawknife 4 - simple 5 x density 1 - extremely weak 7 - rather effective
sturdy<metal> drawknife 6 - s. challenging 5 x density 3 - quite fragile 4 - very ineffective
sharpened <metal> drawknife 8 - complicated 5 x density 1 - extremely weak 9 - exceptionally effective

* "Cap" indicates the best possible score that can be reached using normal metals (low-carbon steel for durability cap and high-carbon steel for speed cap).

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