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*some {{cloot|a|massive plate armor covered in a tangle of rust streaks}}
*some {{cloot|a|massive plate armor covered in a tangle of rust streaks}}
*a {{cloot|i|jagged steel tailband streaked with rust stains}}
*a {{cloot|i|jagged steel tailband streaked with rust stains}}
[[Category:Dragon Priests]]
[[Category:Dragon Priests]]

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Dragon Priest Juggernaut
Unknown creature.jpg
Creature Levels:
    Overall Relative 76
    Natural Attack 74
    Weapon Attack 76
    Defense 76
    Player Estimated 76
Skill Cap 400 to 500
Skinnable No
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Evil No
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy No
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses Unknown
Body Type unknown
Manipulatable Unknown
Skill Required Unknown / Unknown
Teaching Cap Unknown


Appearing like more of an ornate statue than a fearsome Dragon Priest warrior, the massive suit of intricately crafted armor, three sizes two big, dwarfs the giggling S'Kra Mur beneath. With each movement, the interlocking plates of its armor clank and squeal as they grind against one another, making it nearly impossible for the juggernaut to manage to approach its victim unnoticed. Rusty steaks of dried blood and other unidentifiable bits and pieces cling to the front of the Dragon Priest juggernaut's armor, giving nothing more then a vague suggestion of the true amount of raw killing power it possesses. An expansive array of various types of explosives dangle from a complex harness wrapped around its massive form, gently swaying to and fro with the slightest movement.

In Depth

The Dragon Priest Juggernauts stay in the southern area on the first floor of the Black Spire in an area called The Halls of Insanity.

At 429 MO you will learn very slowly from 4, and not at all from 3

Special Attacks

They have limited number of these bombs!

The Juggernaut will drop a "large dark orb". The orb will give messaging every 20 or 30 seconds until it explodes and severely damages and/or kills everything in the room, including you and the Juggernauts. Once dropped the orb takes a few minutes to explode. During that time you must DISARM ORB, but beware, it gives a large roundtime of approximately 30 seconds.

  • A Dragon Priest juggernaut giggles softly to itself as it frees a large dark orb dangling from its harness. The Dragon Priest juggernaut runs its talons over the surface of the orb in a complex pattern, resonating with a soft *CLICK* as the device is armed. The Dragon Priest juggernaut causally tosses the dark orb into the air with a sly smirk and it strikes the ground nearby with a hollow thud before rolling to a sudden stop.
  • A muted roar suddenly fills the air, originating from somewhere within a large dark orb resting upon the ground. As the resonating cry grows in strength the orb begins to quake feverishly, sending it skittering back and forth.
  • A Dragon Priest juggernaut giggles loudly as it gazes at the orb with loving admiration and hisses, "Boom... boom... BOOM! Make dragon happy and kill... EVERYONE!"
  • Successful Disarm: You gently slide your hands over the orb, searching for any irregularities in its surface that might assist you in disarming the device. After several moments you notice that the miniature version of Shard is able to rotate upon its axis. With a careful turn clockwise upon the tiny crystal city, a loud *CLICK* emanates from somewhere inside the globe. The orb gives a final rumble before falling dormant.
  • Note: Attempting to pick up the orb results in a large stun that will leave you prone until the orb explodes.
  • You reach out and touch the orb. A slight tingle travels up your arm, fading as quickly as it began. As you jerk your hand away, a tongue of lightning lashes out to slam into your chest and fling you to the ground as you gasp for breath.
  • A Dragon Priest juggernaut gently pats its hip with a heavy sigh and grumbles, "Awh, no more dragon bomb.. me want more!"

The Juggernaut will drop a second type of orb. This orb seems to have no affect on NMU's, seems to be unavoidable, and cannot be stopped.

  • A Dragon Priest juggernaut giggles softly to itself as it plucks a deep purple sphere dangling at its hip and hisses, "Me hate finger wagglersss!". With a mighty hurl the Dragon Priest juggernaut throws the sphere onto the ground and it explodes in a blinding flash of light! You are blinded for a moment and then feel as if your soul was being shredded, as some magic is ripped from your bones!
  • A Dragon Priest juggernaut gently pats its hip with a heavy sigh and grumbles, "No more mana bomb.. no more fun!"

Items Carried

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