Dragon Clan

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From The Human Clans

Dragon Clan is remarkable... full of memory, happiness, rejoicing. The Clan was actually founded by Lanival... now, Lanival has gone by a number of names, such as Lanival the Redeemer. But one of his more prominent names was Lanival the Dragon. That was the one the people of Dragon Clan always took to, for it was in taking that name that they named themselves after their founder.

The clan was established during Lanival's many wanderings. In each Human village, town, and city he and his followers stopped in, a few more people would get up and follow them, adding to the clan's ranks. From Lanival, these people learned to revel in their mortality. He taught them that their lives, though short, were more precious than they could imagine, and they should cherish every second of them. Few celebrations are as joyous or as grand as a feast held in the camp of the Dragon Clan.

The people of Dragon Clan wear bright colors, and a great deal of jewelry. They're also nomadic merchants of a sort -- every now and then, they'll come around and sell some of their dragon-bedecked wares. In this clan, Lanival is remembered fondly, and much of what they do, many of the feasts they hold, are done in honor of him.

Dragon Clan, though nomadic, generally lives around northern and northwest Therengia.


  • Gypsy King Talorc Yngvar has claimed on many occasions that his people are the remnents of Dragon Clan, or at least contain many of their former members.