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: [[Cyclic Spells]]:
: [[Cyclic Spells]]:
:*Harnessed mana will no longer contribute to cyclics if the [[Raw Channeling]] feat is known
:*Harnessed mana will no longer contribute to cyclics if the [[Raw Channeling]] feat is known
:*New {{com|RELEASE|TOGGLE RELEASE}} option
: [[Cambrinth]]:
: [[Cambrinth]]:
:*Charging a [[cambrinth]] item will no longer clear its previously specified [[Invoke]] amount
:*Charging a [[cambrinth]] item will no longer clear its previously specified [[Invoke]] amount

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Changes to the game during the 2019 calendar year.



  • Fundamental Research now requires 5 minutes to complete (down from 15 minutes)
  • Mana Stream Theory now requires 5 minutes to complete (down from 15 minutes)
  • High-Energy Spellcasting now requires 7.5 minutes to complete (down from 10 minutes)
  • Augmentation, Utility and Warding take 10 minutes to complete (down from 20 minutes)
Additionally, Manifest Force and Gauge Flow scrolls sold in Crossing now have reduced Arcana requirements



  • Crossing to Muspar'i Airship starts service (free)
  • RUNTIME command that tracks the game's recent crashes/restarts released[12]
  • Skill/Stat (including crafting skills) bonus buff limits extended from 20% to 30%[13]


  • Necromancers are now treated as any other guild in terms of player vs. player conduct and policy - including consent and harassment
  • Non-perverse Necromancers now have the option to select a PvP Closed stance, Perverse are locked open as long as they choose to be Perverse
  • Accuse Necro command has been removed - in its place is a revamped Social Outrage system which automatically increases the social outrage of a Forsaken necromancer in any justice zones, which thereby increases the likelihood of being arrested or purged by the Hounds of Rutilor


Cyclic Spells:
  • Charging a cambrinth item will no longer clear its previously specified Invoke amount
  • New command FOCUS CAMBRINTH allows for all worn/held cambrinth to be focused at once





  • WARN command update adds ingame ability to check your account history for instances of Warn/Caution.[20]
  • JUSTICE command now outputs a more granular view of your Social Outrage in all provinces, somewhat similar to how PRAY works for Divine Outrage (but with less mystery about how to interpret the output).[21]
  • Hollow Eve 432


  • New favor altars for Therengia, Ilithi, Qi'Reshalia, Forfedhdar.



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