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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't see my character on the test server, how do I get moved over?

A: Characters are only transferred over from active accounts, so if your account was recently inactive, you may have missed it. You have two possible ways to fix it:
1) Assist in DR Prime to be ported to test. Roll up a character with a different name in TEST. Remove ALL the starting items you receive. The GM will give you further instructions at this point. You will be given your EXP, your inventory, and some spending money. You will not be given your vault and bank accounts. When the server updates, your new character disappears and will be replaced by your current Prime characters.
2) Wait for the next mass copy over of characters. This process is done on an irregular basis when the GMs think it is necessary. You may have to wait a week or more until the next one.

Q. How can I fast travel/are there any free teleports or portals?

A: You can get teleport shards in many locations to move around in TEST. You RUB the shard to change its color, and INVOKE the shard to travel. There is a pile of shards at each of the destinations below, so if you log in at some far-flung place hopefully there is a pile of shards nearby to facilitate your testing.
Here is a list of the travel locations for each color:
Color Destination
Red The Crossing, Town Green North
Blue Leth Deriel, Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tas
Green Riverhaven, Theren Way
Yellow Shard, Katamba's Crescent Road
Grey Ratha, Redthorne Square
Violet Aesry Surlaenis'a, Staho Pivo'hrr'schu'Mus
Purple Wharf End, Mer'Kresh
Black Seneca's Fruitstand (Near Theren)
Pink Tiger Clan Home, Dirt Pathway
Fuschia Vela'Tohr Edge, Secluded Grove
Turquoise Gate to Hibarnhvidar
Canary Boar Clan, Split-Log Path
Golden Muspar'i, Great Gate Square

Q. Help, all my spells are gone in TEST!

A: In test they are on global preview (which means just cast your guild's spells as if you know them. Prepare, and cast). On release of 3.0 the current plan is that you will need to pick them up again.

Q. It says I can't cast spells/I keep getting "You don't know enough about the technique behind spell mnemonics to use a alternate preparation."

A: You have learned an alternative spell prep, but that now requires a Magic Technique to use. Either unset the custom spell prep or go learn the "alternative preparations" magic feat. The GMs have implemented a fix that should set all characters on 3.0 conversion to their default prep in order to address this issue.

Q. It says I don't "have enough mental stamina" to cast <spell> no matter what I do.

A: Ensure you are not attempting to cast a ritual spell. Ritual spells require a huge amount of mana, more than most characters have access to, but this can be decreased through the use of a focus item.
If you are sure the spell is not a ritual spell, the mana ranges for many spells have changed. Try casting the spell at minimum prep.

Q. Okay I have a focus from the Artificer's shop in Crossing (DIR ART), how do I use it?

A: Prepare your ritual spell, invoke the focus, and then cast your spell when ready. Different focuses are attuned different types of mana, so be sure you have the correct one for the ritual spell you are using.

Q. All my crafting abilities and techniques are reset in TEST!

A: Yes, that is a consequence of the Mech split, which is part of DR 3.0. In Test, crafting uses the relevant crafting skill, not Mech Lore. Use the CONVERT command to allocate Mech into your crafting skills. In order to encourage experimentation with the various crafting skills, in Test you can CONVERT RESET to reverse the split, but once 3.0 goes live your conversion choices will be permanent.
When using CONVERT, you will first be shown the resulting ranks from your proposed split, then asked to repeat the command to confirm. If you don't repeat then the split is not performed. Note also that you can CONVERT Mech ranks into each crafting skill only once.
CONVERT ### MECH INTO {SKILL} - Converts ### ranks of Mech Lore into the specified crafting skill. You can also substitute 'ALL' for the number of ranks to move all of your mech lore over.
Available crafting skills are: Forging, Engineering, Outfitting
You can also enter CONVERT SPLIT to get an idea of how many ranks you'd want to split to achieve an even split.

Q. How do I learn feats/Magic Technique?

A: In test, go to the Crossing NE gate and study the trainer.

Q. It looks like <skill> is missing/I'm grandfathered wrong?

A: Check the boards. Several guild only skills are not yet finished. If you believe you have been grandfathered incorrectly, please post in the appropriate 3.0 section of the boards to discuss the issue.

Q. How can I HEAL? There are no Empaths around.

A: Use the HEALME command to heal in test. This also heals death's sting, and restores fatigue and mana, etc.